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Various activities in International Children Day in Hanoi

Thu, 21 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:06

On the occasion of International Children Day - June 1, and Month of Action for children, Dongdo-show coordinated with theaters and artists to stage many plays, children dance music scene, circus and magic shows on stages in Hanoi.

Among big children festivals in Vietnam, International Children Day is the most expected event of children. To bring exciting atmosphere to children during this festival, many activities of International Children Day in Hanoi is being organized. The program will be played from now until mid-June to serve younger public on entering their summer holiday. Performances of Dongdo-show are gifts of artists with the hope of bringing happiness to children on their holiday.

The first program to celebrate International Children’s Day in Vietnam is shown at Cong Nhan Theater (Worker Theater) from May 29 to June 1. There are performances of anime Kingdom vaudeville music program. The program is staged by Artist Xuan Bac. It is the convergence of many famous comedians. In this program, children can enter an animated world and fairy on stage, meet and interact with familiar characters in the popular animated film by artist incarnation. They are characters in Fruite Robot film such as Quyt U, Nho Xinh, superior mechanical operations, Zinba, and Infinity rotation. Children will enjoy the best songs in animated films with performances of singers as Nhat Trang, Nhat Minh, Tran Lap, and Quoc Thai... who gained high singing contest's award, and funny animal circus of artist in Vietnam Circus Federation. The show not just has funny stories, but also meaningful lessons for education, which helps children to combine learning and playing.


School children in Vietnam


Beside the kingdom of animation, Artist Xuan Bac coordinates with Artist Tu Long to make the show more exciting with a series of annual summer program. Contents of the play revolve around the struggle of Xuan Bac - student with Tu Long - Great Mara to protect the good with the belief of "the good always triumphs over evil." But to do this, children need to study and practice well, cultivate morality, community solidarity, compassionate, and determination of fighting against evil and the bad. At the same time, at Hanoi Cultural Friendship Palace. The winner of The Voice Kid of Vietnam will make a liveshow "Thien Nhan and friends" to dedicate fellows this summer. She will perform songs which made her succeed at the competition. All of them are famous and long-lasting Vietnamese folk songs. The show, in addition, will have the participation of children from Taca Emca Club.


Vietnam - Soviet Cultural Friendship Palace in Hanoi


The highlight in the series of programs during International Children Day is the performance of Zen Magic performed by Ai and Yuki from Japan with the organization of Dongdo-show and Youth Theater. Ther performance is the combination between aerial arts and magic, exploiting the enchanting elements of Asian meditation which is obsessive to viewers with incalculable and thrilling kaleidoscope. The two artists will perform outstanding magic shows to serve audience. It is said that to prepare for the great show, Ai and Yuki had hire two containers to carry 5 tones of props serving repertoire, along with many performances; assistants. The two artists have toured extensively in the American, and many countries in Asia and Europe. Coming to Vietnam this time, they will implement a trans-Vietnam tour. The first stop is Hanoi with many performances at the Hanoi Cultural Friendship Palace from May 26 to June 1. After that, they come to Lan Anh Music Stage in Ho Chi Minh City in two days June 6-7. Each program has its own attraction to children in Vietnam. They are also meaningful gifts for children after a year of studying hard.

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