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Halong Cherry Blossom Festival a bridge between two cultures

Tue, 15 Apr 2014. Last updated Wed, 15 Oct 2014 17:15

The second Halong Cherry Blossom Festival took place successfully. After two times of organizations, the festival proved itself in defining relationships between Vietnam and Japan in particular, Quang Ninh and other cities of Japan in general.

In 2013, the first Cherry Blossom Festival in Halong was held with target of promulgating the image of Halong to the whole world, appealing tourists and investors, especially Japanese. Meanwhile, by dint of this event, Japanese culture was introduced to local people and tourists in Halong. Mr. Dang Huy Hau, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh People’s Committee affirmed about the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Japan. He added, in recent years, Quang Ninh and Japanese cities, organizations, and enterprises have been cooperating in many fields, and had significant achievements, marking important milestone in the development of provincial economy and society. The annual festival is a stark example in strengthening the Vietnam-Japan friendship in general, and relation between Quang Ninh and cities of Japan. At the same time, an outstanding tourism product is created to serve tourists in Halong Bay, Quang Ninh.


Artists perform in Halong Cherry Blossom Festival


Inheriting the success of the first festival, Halong Cherry Blossom Festival 2014 was well prepared by the organization. To specify, Halong City actively coordinated with International Culture Association Wanokai of Japan, departs and branches of Quang Ninh Province. The achievement of this festival was more successful than the previous one. More images, cultural features of Quang Ninh and Japan were shown local people and tourists. In this second festival, tourists had a chance to contemplate the beauty of 20 trees of cherry blossoms of three featuring colors, including white, pink and red; and 400 branches to combine into two big cherry blossom trees displayed in the middle of the stage. While, many interesting cultural activities took place, such as program of opening and Vietnam-Japan art performance, cherry blossom exhibition; exhibition of artworks on Japanese culture and heritages.


Visitors to Halong Cherry Blossom Festival


Besides, in this festival, there were other important events held, including workshop of cooperation and investment between Halong Tourism and cities of Japan, Japanese cultural performances, organizing tours for Japanese delegations to tourist attractions in Quang Ninh. Moreover, the organizer arranged nearly 40 showrooms to promote tourism products, cuisine, souvenirs, and bonsai in Quang Ninh and Japanese cities. Specifically, showrooms of Kimono, traditional costume of Japan, Ao Dai and other handicraft products of Vietnam are favorite choices of tourists.

Mr. Tran Trong Trung, Vice Chairman of Halong People’s Committee said that beside promulgating the beauty of Halong to the world, enhancing investment, Halong Cherry Blossom Festival created conditions for Quang Ninh and Japan to exchange their featured cultures. This is an outstanding cultural event tightening friendly relationship of Vietnam and Japan. Meanwhile, Mr. Hanashiro Yoshihiro, CEO of Churashima Okinawa Association as well as the leader of Japanese delegation, at the opening ceremony, sincerely thanked authorities of Quang Ninh and local people for the hospitability. He hoped that cherry blossom tree would become the icon of friendly relationship between Vietnam and Japan.


Kimono performance in Halong Cherry Blossom Festival


With careful preparation, this event is one of festivals in Halong bringing great impressions to local people and tourists. With a purpose of strengthening Vietnam-Japan relationship, Cherry Blossom Festival in Halong is going to be held in annual Aprils, which contributes to promulgating the national image of Japan to Quang Ninh people in particular and Vietnamese in general, at the same time, promoting Halong Tourism as well as Quang Ninh tourism to domestic and international tourists.

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