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Halong Carnival 2014 promises to bring surprises

Fri, 25 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

A colorful night with stunning sound and overwhelming excitement will take place from 30th April in one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Halong Carnival 2014 is actually an attractive festival which tourists should not ignore.

Halong City Municipal Committee and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Ninh has held press conference announcing Halong Carnival 2014 on 16th April. Mr. Dao Xuan Dan, Chairman of Halong City Municipal Committee said that Halong Carnival 2014 themed “Quang Ninh – Convergence and Pervasion” will be opened at 08 pm on 30th April at Hoang Quoc Viet street, Hung Thang Ward, Halong City. This will be one of the biggest festivals in Halong this year.

As planned, Halong Carnival program consists of two parts. The first one is an opening ceremony and art performances on the stage with the theme “Halong Impression”. This is a special music and dance art program lasting about 45 minutes with the combination of well-known Quang Ninh signers and nearly 300 dancers, models and collaboration performances of artists from China, Laos and Thailand. The second part of the festival with the theme “Color Convergence – Interest Pervasion” is a huge performance on a great stage (strengthening nearly 1,000 meter street) of 28 performing blocks with over 3,800 professional and amateur actors, along with 7 parade floats, dozens of mobile models and stages are impressively decorated according to the theme “Halong - Flying Dragon City”, “homeland of converging natural masterpieces”, “land of converging cultural colors”, and “land of pervading values ​​and interests”. Participating in activities in Halong Carnival, tourists will be immersed in a brilliant carnival, enchanting parade floats, appealing performances and wonderful music programs. Artists on the mobile stages actually make tourists immerse themselves in traditional dances, vibrant burning dances of Caribbean, and Latin. In addition, folk dances with excellence repertoires will bring a colorful cultural space of 22 ethnic groups in Quang Ninh province.


Special Performances in Halong Carnival


It is expected that the organizers will arrange stands with the capacity of over 10,000 seats. All of these preparations hopefully ensure audiences to get the most convenient and comfortable conditions when involved in a significant event, marking an opening stage for a new tourist season in Halong Bay in particular and in Quang Ninh province in general.


Actors and Actresses perfoming in Halong Carnival


Apart from the highlight of Halong Carnival, tourists have a chance to participate in series of culture, sport activities in Quang Ninh tourism events which continuously take place throughout a month with an abundance of unique and attractive programs. Accordingly, fascinating programs should be named such as “Cherry Blossom Festival”, “I love Halong” art performance, exhibitions on art, photography, art light show, “spiritual life of fishing communities on Halong Bay” exhibition, folk and modern games, Halong beauty 2014 contest, Halong Trade and Travel Fair, cultural festival on promoting regional specialty brands, Tuan Chau international beach volleyball league, best MC for Halong competition and entertainment programs in Halong Marine Plaza as traditional craft villages and entertainment activities on the water, ect.


A beautiful actress in Halong Carnival


Over 7 times organized, Halong carnival gradually affirms its name - a strong brand of Halong tourism as well as Quang Ninh tourism though the script and personnel. The event aims to spotlight the province’s culture, tourism and cuisine, particularly celebrating Halong Bay, a famous World Natural Heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

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