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Lotus Village Festival 2015 celebrated in Nghe An

Thu, 14 May 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:28

On the occasion of 125th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh's Birthday, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in coordination with Nghe An People's Committee and relevant units organize Lotus Village Festival 2015 in Nghe An from 15th - 20th of May, 2015.

Lotus Village Festival is one of national festivals in Vietnam with many featured activities. Lotus Village Festival brings a chance to express the gratitude, reverence, admiration of Vietnamese people to President Ho Chi Minh - Hero of national liberation as well as an outstanding cultural activist. By dint of the festival, the Ho Chi Minh's ideology and the image of Nghe An are promulgated locally and internationally.

According to Deputy Director of Cultural Department - Vuong Duy Bao, the first National Lotus Village Singing Festival was held in 1982. Then the event was changed into Sen Village Festival (Lotus Village Festival). The event takes place annually in provincial scale, and every five years in national scale. Vice Chairman of Nghe An People's Committee shared that the national Lotus Village Festival 2015 is organized with the purpose of expressing the gratitude, admiration and piety to President Ho Chi Minh - the hero of national liberation and world cultural celebrity. The festival is a form of promulgating and educating Ho Chi Minh ideology, especially in culture, morality and Vietnam lifestyles vividly, studying and following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh, promoting the image of Nghe An domestically and internationally. Activities in Sen Village Festival reflect clearly cultural identity of Nghe An, making a deep, spiritual and respectful impression.


Performances in Lotus Village Festival in Nghe An


This year's Sen Village Festival consists of many outstanding activities: ceremony of offering flowers at Ho Chi Minh Monument, parade ceremony to Uncle Ho's hometown in Kim Lien historical relics, movies of Ho Chi Minh and exchanges with artists who used to play Ho Chi Minh at Vinh University and Nam Dan District. In addition, there are exhibitions of posters at Ho Chi Minh Square, exhibition of fine art, photography on Learning and following Ho Chi Minh - a moral example at the province's culture and information center. Along with the Lotus Village Singing Festival, it is Cultural day of Central region ethnic groups with colorful activities. The making art camp on the theme of Uncle Ho in Nghe An with the participation of 30 artists will introduce 24artworks, and 200 photographic works of artists. Lotus Village Festival 2015 will be inaugurated in Ho Chi Minh Square in Vinh City in the evening of May 16th. The event is also broadcasted on VTV1, NTV, and NTV4.


The house of the mother of President Ho Chi Minh


The most highlight point of the Lotus Village Festival in Nghe An is the singing festival which will be held continuously. Undergoing more than annual 30-year organization, Lotus Village Singing Festival is imprinted in local people's minds and Vietnamese people countrywide. The event has a great meaning of politics and culture in spiritual life of locals, which strengthens the Nghe An mass art movement, also attracts the participation of mass art troupes nationwide. Programs are increasingly diverse and imbued with national identity, bringing a deeply meaningful content expressing gratitude to Ho Chi Minh. This year's event attracted 30 troupes nationwide with hundreds of actors, including two art troupes from Laos and Thailand where Uncle Ho had lived and worked previously. Sen Village Singing Festival of this year is even more meaningful when Vi - Giam singing of Nghe Tinh has been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

During the Sen Village Festival 2015, Hanoi People's Committee, People's Committee of Nghe An, and Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee will jointly organize a videoconference with the theme of "Uncle Ho's boundless love", which will make the festival have a very pervasive spread.

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