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Binh Thuy ancient house

Bui Huu Nghia Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho, Vietnam

Binh Thuy ancient house Can Tho has long been renowned for its ancient beauty along with its unique architecture. Antiques and prominent traditional cultural features have been still deliberately preserved and promoted by descendants of the founder.

Located on Bui Huu Nghia Street, Binh Thuy ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho, Binh Thuy ancient house which was built in 1807 has been owned by Duong family. The house seems to be much brilliant in the sunlight with its sophisticated French architecture. Outside the house are 4 elegant bow-shaped sidesteps with high ceilings decorated harmonious motifs and many multi-sized doors beautifying nobility for ancient house. Embellishing the beauty is embossed reliefs decorated outside facade. All creates the elegant beauty of the house at the turn of the 2 centuries. Unique architectural in the harmonious combination between East and West has taken Binh Thuy ancient house to become one of the must-see tourist attractions in Can Tho. The main house is the wonderful rendezvous for tourists who prefer to explore the unique architecture.


French Colonial-style house in Binh Thuy Village, Can Tho


Unlike other ancient houses in Can Tho, Binh Thuy ancient house retains 5 compartments and 2 wings with 22m long, 16m deep on an area of 6,000m2. Inside the courtyard are bonsai and ornamental flowers. On the right is an orchid garden; whereas on the left corner is Mexican cactus about 8 meters high with the age of about 40. Behind the house is the the fruit orchards which is cultural typical feature of the locals. The large courtyard is tiled with Chinese brick and entrance into the house is 4 bow-shaped side stairs. The ancient house is relatively large thanks to 6 rows of total 24 black ironwood pillars with about 30 cm in diameter. Connecting among the system of columns and beams is brown wood details sophisticatedly carved. Thanks to the airy system of doors and windows, the house is always cool. Discovering the unique characteristics of design and architecture of the ancient house is truly one of the fascinating things to do in Can Tho. Binh Thuy ancient house thus becomes one of the most appealing tourist sites in Can Tho travel.


Binh Thuy ancient house - Courtyard


Although modeled as design of French architecture, the ancient house is decorated in typical Southern architectural style and becomes one of the tourist sites in Mekong Delta travel. The solemn altar situated right at the middle of the house is red lacquer trimmed with gold. Beds, cabinets, inlays and couches are extremely spectacular. Tourists will find here a very harmonious arrangement along with the precious antiques. Mingling Chinese furniture is French-style mosaic armchair under Louis XIV, pair of chandelier belonging to 19th century, lavabo together with 4 French oil lamp poles over 3 meters high placed at the four corners of the house. The house is also home to particular features from flooring tiles, row of iron fence, crystal chandeliers to murals and especially the hand sink with white enamel and blue patterns on wooden unique platform..., which are imported from France. It is distinctive details that have given Binh Thuy ancient house to become one of the most impressive Can Tho attractions.


Facade of Binh Thuy ancient house


As one of the most spectacular Can Tho ancient houses in particular and ancient houses in Vietnam in general, the architectural style of Binh Thuy is decorated in the style of Western Europe, yet the sanctum, the most solemn place is designed under the Oriental architecture. It displays the harmonious and selective cultural communication between East and West, which expresses wonderful aesthetic tastes of the owner: absorbing modern factors but still restoring traditional manners making plentiful and diverse cultural features in the new land.  It is perhaps one of the reasons why numerous directors, studios and domestic and foreign filmmakers chose this place for filming their famous movies. Not only attracting domestic tourists, Binh Thuy ancient house also the fascinating rendezvous for many foreign tourists in Can Tho tours.


A corner of Binh Thuy ancient house


It is actually a unique and valuable architectural works. Although built in the early 20th century and strongly influenced by Western art, Binh Thuy ancient house has not lost its national soul in worshiping space, in the use of decorative patterns and motifs so far. Here, the East - West cultural communication is reasonably and creatively selected, acquired and applied, which gives the monument a unique style elegant but casual, close and modern but not irrelevant amidst the scenery of the tranquil village. Binh Thuy ancient house displays its important contribution in promoting Can Tho tourism to domestic and international tourists.

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