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My Khanh Tourist Village

My Khanh Village, Can Tho, Vietnam

My Khanh Tourist Village is the fascinating site for those who prefer to explore charming natural scenery and peaceful life of the locals in Mekong Delta. Immersing in the peaceful surroundings of the village will be one of the memorable experiences.

My Khanh Tourist Village is one of the alluring eco-tourism attractions in Can Tho city. With an area of over 50,000m2, My Khanh is situated between Cai Rang Floating Market and Phong Dien Floating Market. It is a credibly unique and attractive tourist area, which meets the need of entertainment and relaxation of tourists both at home and abroad. Tourists can easily go to My Khanh Tourist Village by road or waterway through Cai Rang floating market. Here, tourists can comfortably go sightseeing, feel the fresh atmosphere while taking a stroll under the cool shade of trees with the "genuine" rural house hiding under the green canopy.


My Khanh tourist village in Can Tho


My Khanh Tourist Village is home to more than 20 fruit crops intertwined each other along the entrance paths such as plums, mango, rambutan, jackfruit, strawberry, durian..., which is always lush and laden along with unique delicious flavor giving tourists the gentle, relaxing feelings.  In particular, the tourist village also held the great number of appealing folk games and team games such as wood clogs racing, experiencing the bridge of magpie or fishing crocodile... When the night falls down, the village become much more interesting with numerous games such as fishing, trawling, karaoke singing or "vong co" (a kind of traditional folk singing in the South Vietnam) singing, which surely offers tourists the calm and relaxing feelings in the cool space of immense sky at night... Discovering My Khanh Tourist Village will certainly be one of the impressive things to do in Can Tho.


Boating in My Khanh Village - Can Tho


In particular, the tourist village also houses the typical ancient house in South Vietnam dating from more than 100 years old, which formerly belonged to a landowner in Binh Thuy (in Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city as today) had restored and preserved. Visiting the ancient house, tourists will have a chance to feel the ancient space, lifestyle and daily activities of those who had high social status in the old society. My Khanh Tourist Village is worth one of the most impressive tourist Can Tho attractions alluring the large number of tourists both domestic and international. The tourist village attracts over 500 tourists daily. On holidays, weekends or days-off, it welcomes up to thousands of tourists. Tourists setting foot on My Khanh have the opportunity to enjoy Southern cuisine with delicious specialties bringing typical characteristics of the water region such as grilled fish with bamboo pipe, countryside hot pot, grilled snakehead ... In particular, tourists enjoy delicious dishes in pretty small cozy huts. In addition to the system of house built in the architectural style of Central Highlands, the tourist village also provides 2 restaurants can accommodating hundreds of tourists.


Tourists to My Khanh Village - Can Tho


Those who prefer to explore and ascertain about the typical traditional villages here can comfortably discover the ricepaper village and winemaking village behind the ancient house. Visiting the village, tourists can witness the fairly meticulous process of making ricepaper and the final products are delicious pieces of ricepaper with its typical flavor of the region. Tourists also make ricepaper by themselves as the gifts for their relatives and friends. Sipping a glass of wine with ricepaper wrapping crispy gouramy, tourists will feel the unique unforgettable flavor. The journey of exploring Can Tho travel will be definitely much more memorable when tourists set foot on wonderful My Khanh Tourist Village.

Not only serving the needs of going sightseeing and entertaining, My Khanh Tourist Village also offers restaurants like ancient Nam Bo (South) Restaurant II, Thuy Ta Restaurant and Yacht Restaurant... with wide range of diverse menu, which is ready to meet the various tourists' needs on cuisine. Along with other tourist villages in Can Tho, My Khanh Tourist Village also provides tourists the novel and unique culinary experiences of Mekong Delta. Thanks to experienced skilled chefs and professional staff, tourists can have an opportunity to enjoy delicious and tasty dishes of Can Tho cuisine right at the restaurants of My Khanh Tourist Village. Can Tho tours thus are increasingly much more attractive.


Ancient house in My Khanh village - Can Tho


My Khanh Tourist Village is a worth a representative of Can Tho city in particular and Mekong Delta tourism in general. It not only is an amusement park and relaxation but also converges lifestyle of the locals in Mekong Delta ancient and modern, urban and rural as well. Tourists will get extremely exciting experiences once setting foot on the tourist area. My Khanh Tourist Village thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Can Tho tourism closer to tourists both at home and abroad.

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