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Son River

161 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Surrounding spectacular Phong Nha Cave along with pristine natural scenery, Son River becomes a new tourist attraction in Quang Binh alluring tourists. Immersing in the flow of the river, tourists will surely get interesting experiences.

Retaining a length of 35km, Son River entirely flowing in the territory of Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. The river is also famous for its role of entrance to Phong Nha Cave. A part of Son River's headwater 7,723m long underground flows in the limestone mountain range in the west of Quang Binh and in the heart of the Phong Nha - Ke Bang heritage forest as well. It merges with Gianh River in Ba Don town. Not only is it famous for entrance to Phong Nha, the river is also known by the mythology and historical victory attached to it.


Son River flows through Phong Nha Cave


As one of the new tourist attractions in Quang Binh, Son River is considered as pristine river, a beautiful landscape that the Creator favorably blesses the locals. The river is also called with a very rustic name by the natives: Troc River and entirely flowing in Quang Binh province. According to legend, there are various interpretations of the river's name. However, the most popular is the love story of a couple dearly loving each other. Yet, their love was opposed by families for not "homogamy". Finally, the couple are side each other to the river to commit suicide. The locals around are pathetic by the love of the couple, so they call the river Son River symbolizing faithful golden heart with the one they love.


Son River at Bo Trach, Quang Binh province


Here, tourists have the opportunity to feel the beauty of the river from watercolor, mountains to the landscapes on banks. It is neither the sweet blue of Nha Trang sea waters nor emerald blue of Da Nang beaches but is the blue inspired by the cool and fresh of the nature and the locals here. The river winding under the foothills embraces corn fields, banana gardens along with the peaceful neighborhood. Two sides of the river are serene landscapes. All harmonizing together creates a charming ink washing painting, a beautiful peaceful life among the immense mountainous region. This peaceful scenery is worth an appealing attraction in Quang Binh for tourists love exploring the daily life and local people here.


A stretch of Son River near Phong Nha Cave


Floating on the river born from the heart of this heritage, tourists are free to enjoy kayaking and exploring the wild beauty of the banks. Tourists can comfortably immerse in the tranquil world right on the river. It is home to harmonious combination among human, nature and landscapes. However, Son River is not "meek". Just like the life of the locals, the river always hides potential dangers. Without local guides, tourists should not risk to sail alone on Son River waterfront. Not retaining waterfalls and rapids like Da River, smooth Son River maintains the great number of skerry in the riverbed. Only when taking footsteps after the locals, tourists can completely explore the magnificent beauty of the river.


Boats on Son River


Son River is not as gentle and dreaming as Huong (Perfume) River but brings a peaceful beauty. Immersing themselves in the peaceful scenery of the river, tourists seemly forget the daily hardships of life. They have a chance to leave the chaos of urban life in order to completely soak up the nature. Son River with its unique watercolor winding Ke Bang limestone mountains increasingly embellishes the glamor and magnificence of Phong Nha Cave Heritage in particular and Quang Binh tourism in general. Associated with the legend of fidelity in love, Son River always leave unforgettable memories to tourists in minds.

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