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Tu Lan Cave

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

Along with famous caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang, Tu Lan Cave gradually takes an important role to promote Quang Binh tourism worldwide. The magnificent cave with its mysterious beauty deserves to be an appealing scenic spot for tourists.

Far about 70km from Phong Nha Cave to the northwest, Tu Lan Cave is located in Tan Hoa village, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province. This system of cave consists of 8 caves discovered in 2009 and 4 valleys explored in 2012. The system of Tu Lan Cave includes the main cave - Tu Lan Cave and auxiliary caves, namely Song Cave, Uoi Cave, Chuot (Mouse) Cave, Hung Ton Cave, Kim Cave, Tu Lan Cave, Ken cave and To Mo Cave. Retaining the length of over 600m, Tu Lan Cave is much more magnificent than any other caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang on stalactite masterpieces. Deeply going inside the cave, tourists will be overwhelmed by the breathtaking stalactites rising up from the cave's ground.


Entrance to Tu Lan Cave


To set foot in Tu Lan Cave, tourists have to go through To Mo Mountain. The road will become much easier when tourists pass through Xoai (Mango) steep. As one of the new tourist attractions in Quang Binh, Tu Lan retains a primitive forest with diverse flora and fauna. It is home to hundreds of animals and plants creating a diverse ecosystem with numerous species. The climate influenced by tropical monsoon creates favorable conditions for the development of plants all year round. Through the primitive forest, Tu Lan valley appears as a flawless masterpiece of nature. Here, tourists actually catch the charming picture as an ink wash painting fully converging elements of rivers, waters and rocks.


Exploring inside Tu Lan Cave


Unlike other Phong Nha - Ke Bang caves, entrance of Tu Lan Cave consists of stacked rocks as mystery books nobody had ever read. Entering Tu Lan Cave, a splendid spectacle suddenly appears with numerous great stalactites along cave's walls. In the middle of the cave, 3 vertical stalagmite pillars with over 1m in diameter actually surprise those who arrive here for the first time. These marvels were seemly created by the billions of water droplets from limestone flow millions of years ago. These droplets fell down, splashed out and precipitated to form these incredibly magnificent stalactite pillars.


Inside Tu Lan Cave


Setting foot in Tu Lan wet cave, tourists will be definitely surprised and startled when witnessing the cave's entrance with its exceedingly high and wide arches. Inside ranges of multi-shaped stalactites are unique fangs which make whole cave much more mysterious and attractive. The water surface of Tu Lan Cave with the water flow from To Mo Cave and Dung Cave blending together in the harmonious and peaceful way actually strongly impresses tourists. Sunshine in the morning along with light winds makes the sparkling blue water ripple. The surface of water looks like a mirror reflecting the beautiful scenery of whole Tu Lan Cave. The magnificent beauty deserves an appealing tourist attraction in Quang Binh travel.


Tu Lan Cave - Stalactite and stream


Not far from the wet cave, Tu Lan dry cave cowers itself amid the forest foliage and hides the magnificence and splendor inside. Thanks to its high and wide arches along with dim lighting, the entrance of the cave seems much more magical and mysterious. Deeply entering the cave when the light runs out, a Buddha-shaped stalactite statue on the right cave's entrance appears with genius sculptural features of nature, which looks like to be carved, honed by skillful hands of humans. The statue thus increasingly creates more sacred mystery for Tu Lan Cave.

Amidst the cave's ground are 3 solid stalactite pillars looks like an ancient architectural works carved up the tempo as the "Flying Dragon - Dancing Phoenix". Natural hand has meticulously polished as genius and talent sculptors. These 3 stalactite pillars majestically standing create a solid foundation for the cave. The stone stalactites falling down with numerous shapes and colors are actually soft and flexible. The harmonious combination of stalagmites and stalactites creates a gorgeous subtle beauty like a brocade fabric decorated with countless colorful motifs. It brings Tu Lan Cave a distinctive beauty which few caves in Vietnam can be found.


Magnificent scenery at Tu Lan Cave


Tu Lan Cave attracts tourists with not only a myriad of fascinating stalactites and stunning formation of nature but also the traces of human settlements. Shards of pottery and fossilized bones can confirm an ancient culture here. Therefore, Tu Lan both is a unique natural tourist attraction in Quang Binh and promises to be a historical tourist spot attracting tourists to explore. It is promisingly an attractive attraction alluring tourists to Quang Binh travel.

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