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Cai Be Princess Sampan - Mekong River Delta 2815 views

Cai Be Princess Sampan - Mekong River Delta

If you prefer green tourism, why not coming with Cai Be Princess Sampan to make a Mekong River cruise in very natural sceneries of river, trees, and sky. With this voyage, you will have many excursions to discover life and culture of locals here.

From 40 USD/day

Bai Tu Long Junk Halong Bay 3106 views

Bai Tu Long Junk Halong Bay

Owning nine modern and well-equipped cabins, Bai Tu Long Junk is designed in time-honored style of Chinese junks in the harmony with Vietnamese modern architectural features. This junk will accompany with tourists and bring the best services.

From 50 USD/day

Poseidon Sails Halong Bay 2613 views

Poseidon Sails Halong Bay

Poseidon Sails are one of Halong Bay cruises following a traditional wooden style. Having 8 spacious cabins, Poseidon Sails offers tourists a generous and comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining in Halong Bay.

From 55 USD/day

Mekong Queen Sampan - Mekong River Delta 2692 views

Mekong Queen Sampan - Mekong River Delta

Mekong Queen Sampan is a budget cruise providing tourists many interesting experiences on life of people in Mekong River Delta. With only about 63 USD/day, tourists will have many chances to explore daily life and unique traditional customs here.

From 63 USD/day

Glory Cruise Halong Bay 3142 views

Glory Cruise Halong Bay

Being designed in a perfect balance between modern comfort and nostalgic ambiance, Glory Cruise is one among best 3 star Halong Bay cruises offering tourists an elegant, enjoyable, and fulfilling way to explore endless style of the Bay.

From 65 USD/day

V’spirit Cruise Halong Bay 2729 views

V’spirit Cruise Halong Bay

V’spirit cruise is defined as one among many superior cruises in Halong Bay. Being designed with time-honored traditional style, a fleet of V’spirit cruises the most marvelous experience in Halong Bay, which may exceeds your expectations.

From 65 USD/day

Golden Cruise 9999 Halong Bay 3156 views

Golden Cruise 9999 Halong Bay

Being known as one of the best five-star cruises in Halong Bay, Golden Cruise 9999 always strives to take care about every smallest detail to make a trip in Vietnam of tourists become remarkable and memorable.

From 70 USD/day

Aclass Cruise Halong Bay 2902 views

Aclass Cruise Halong Bay

Having superior and deluxe cabins equipped with twenty-first-century facilities and amenities, Aclass Cruise is suitable for those who prefer budget cruises, but still enjoy best services. With a reasonable price, you can have a memorable Halong Bay tour.

From 70 USD/day
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