Aclass Opera Cruise Halong Bay 1467 views

Aclass Opera Cruise Halong Bay

With 21 spacious cabins, Aclass Opera Cruise is one of top Halong Bay deluxe cruises. Having over 12 years of experience, Aclass Opera Cruise will bring tourists to the most extraordinary parts of the world heritage site.

From 80 USD/day

Dragon Pearl Junk Halong Bay 1710 views

Dragon Pearl Junk Halong Bay

Dragon Pearl Junk is a modern cruise designed in the harmony with contemporary amenities. Possessing both in and outdoors dining areas, you will have unforgettable moment when enjoying delicious meals along with contemplating the bay.

From 100 USD/day

Emeraude Cruise introduction 1482 views

Emeraude Cruise introduction

Emeraude cruise has presented in Halong Bay since 2003 and has become the pride of the bay. The cruise has not only the most luxurious and modern equipments and facilities but also the high quality of service to meet the diverse needs of tourists.

From 85 USD/day

Paloma Cruise Halong Bay 1402 views

Paloma Cruise Halong Bay

Getting on Paloma Cruise, passengers may be charmed by its exquisite luxury, intimate setting, and modern amenities. With reasonable price, Paloma Cruise is a rational choice among deluxe cruises in Halong Bay.

From 85 USD/day

Life Heritage Resort Ha Long Bay Cruise 1408 views

Life Heritage Resort Ha Long Bay Cruise

Just with one cabin in each junk, Life Heritage Resort Ha Long Bay Cruises will bring a sense of relaxation and comfort for you with private and romantic atmosphere. Each private boat is furnished with modern amenities and services to meet all your needs.

From 290 USD/day

Emeraude Cruise Halong Bay 1418 views

Emeraude Cruise Halong Bay

Emeraude Cruise with 37 opulent cabins situated on all three decks will bring tourists a wonderful voyage, from stunning Halong Bay view to interesting and striking explorations, to traditional Vietnamese food, and professional western cuisine.

From 85 USD/day

Dragon Legend Cruise Halong Bay 2180 views

Dragon Legend Cruise Halong Bay

As being a luxury junk in Halong Bay, Dragon Legend Cruise has all best features to meet the need of tourists when traveling Halong Bay. With 24 modern and opulent cabins, capacious sundeck, this junk is an ideal choice for a long voyage in this bay.

From 108 USD/day

Victory Star Cruise Halong Bay 2292 views

Victory Star Cruise Halong Bay

Being designed in traditional style, Victory Star Cruise is a good choice among best cruises in Halong Bay. Staying in this cruise, tourists will be welcomed by warm attitudes of elegant and warm-hearted staffs and experience the most comfort and utility.

From 186 USD/day
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