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Ta Van Village

Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Ta Van Village is a place where many Vietnam ethnic minority groups gathering and living in harmony with each other. Visiting the village, tourists can admire natural landscapes, experience homestay service, and enjoy traditional food of this land.

Sapa is known as one of ideal destinations in Vietnam for both domestic and international tourists. Having a trip to Sapa, tourists can explore the special cultures of ethnic minority groups and enjoy trips to peaceful villages where many traditional customs of ethnic people in Vietnam are well preserved. Some ideal attractions in Sapa for tourists to experience a wonderful ecotourism are Ta Phin Village, Ta Van Village, Lao Chai Village, Cat Cat villages ...

Bridge to Ta Van Village

About 8 kilometers from Sapa Town, Ta Van Village (Ta Van Giay village) belongs to Ta Van commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province with approximately 150 households. In spite of different ethnic minority groups living here, Giay ethnic minority accounts for the majority of population. In fact, the nobly humanistic values in characteristics and the special culture of Giay people is the most impressive feature for tourists when travelling Ta Van Village.

Ta Van Village in Sapa

Previously, Ta Van Village was formed by a group of Giay people in Lao Cai province. These people settled in areas having low topography such as foothills and valleys along streams or rivers. Due to living in the same residential locality, in the course of history, Giay people have exchanged and under the influence of different cultures from other ethnic groups such as Tay, Thai, Nung. This intercultural phenomenon has greatly contributed in creating a diverse culture in the village. Ta Van Village has a diverse system of folklore including fairy tales, riddles, and proverbs. This is also a place of many traditional festivals such as Tet holidays in January and July, full moon festivals in May and August, etc.

Rice fields along the path to Ta Van Village

From Sapa Town, passing through a twisting path on a halfway up the mountain about 10 kilometer, tourists will set foot in Ta Van commune. Continue travelling on this path, which is sloping down to the foot of Hoang Lien Son Mountain, visitors will arrive in Muong Hoa valley. From the distance in the valley, tourists can see a suspension bridge spanning Muong Hoa stream. You can also see a shrine where local people often hold "Nao Cong" festival. A road to Ta Van Village is quite small and narrow. Two sides of the village are covered by fertile terraced fields embellished with the green color of corns and rice plants. Setting foot in Ta Van Village, tourists may be amazed by the simple but tidy and clean appearance of the village.

A small house in Ta Van Village

Although Giay people mainly make a living by rice cultivation and silver carvings, they also open homestay services to serve the needs of tourists when travelling the village. Homestay is a kind of a special tourism service in Ta Van Village in which tourists will live with local residents in their house. Arriving in the village, many tidy and clean houses hang a signboard "Homestay", which are always ready to welcome tourists. Using this service may be a memorable experience of tourists because you will have a chance to experience daily activities with Giay people. In these days, Giay people will serve tourists traditional dishes that they often eat every day. The ingredients of these foods are homemade products made by local people such as fresh vegetables, chicken, pigs, fishes, etc. Although these are very popular ingredients, through a special process of cooking, it promises to leave visitors a long lasting impression. In addition, through such a simple meal, tourists may gradually feel the familiar and close connection with local people here. In the next days, tourists will also be served some specialties of Giay people like grilled fishes caught from Muong Hum stream, Muong Khuong horsemeat, Bac Ha pork meat, Van Ban five color glutinous rice, and so on.

Ta Van Village - Hmong women in working time

For those who always want to find new travel experiences, Ta Van Village is one of Sapa attractions that they should not ignore. Homestay service, specialties, beautiful landscapes, and the special culture of Giay people in Sapa will truly not let tourists feel disappointed. 

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