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Dalat Flower Park

2 Phu Dong Thien Vuong St, Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat Flower Park has long been a convergence of hundreds of unique and colorful flowers. Thanks to its advantages and inherent potentials, the park gradually becomes an attractive sight of Dalat city, attracting both domestic and international tourists.

Dalat has long been well known for “the homeland of flowers”. It is home to thousands of lovely species of flowers. Being the top must-see in Dalat, Dalat Flower Park, also known as Dalat Flower Garden with an area of 7,000 m2 is located on the north shore around Xuan Huong Lake, on the valley of Cu Hill, just about 2km from the city center. This used-to-be Bich Cau Flower Garden has been renovated and renamed to a flower garden of the city, where tourists can comfortably contemplate the biggest selection of flowers in Dalat. The park is situated at the end of Xuan Huong Lake, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Streer, Ward 1, Dalat city, Lam Dong province. It is considered a natural museum that houses a fine collection of native and exotic flowers. The park consists of at least 300 different kinds of flowers, hundreds of which are in blossom all year round. Interestingly, there is a small cafe on site. It is also an appealing attraction on the occasion of annual Flower Festival, with hundreds kinds of spectacular flower species.


Dalat Flower Garden


As one of the most appealing attractions in Dalat, the park entrance impresses tourists with arc-shaped flower arrangement created by hundreds of spectacular flowerpots, which warmly welcomes tourists. Step in here, tourists will be surrounded by the variety of flowers: front, back and both sides of the garden. Along the aisles is the spraying water system; some flowery stagecoaches sometimes have randomly assigned creating a colorful space. Taking part in Dalat Flower Park in particular and Dalat travel in general, tourists will be actually surprised at the breathtaking beauty of the city. Immersed in peaceful and dreaming scenery, tourists seem to be lost in a completely different world, forgetting the chaos and noise of daily life.


Colorful flowers in Dalat Flower Park


Dalat Flower Park also houses a giant cactus garden. Among them, there are some cacti with diameter of 50 – 60 cm, which is rarely found in other cities in Vietnam. These cacti here have been imported from Africa. In addition, a unique beauty feature at Dalat Flower Park attracting a great number of tourists is the orchid area. Orchids are grown in implant method, exhibited here with the essence of beauty, species diversity, and diverse colors. Here, tourists will be easy to find numerous kinds of Hanoi peach which are bred in Dao Hoa Valley, Dalat. Dalat Flower Park is now on display of the largest and most complete "collections" of flowers in Da Lat with hundreds of different varieties. Apart from traditional flower varieties tourists are easy to realize, such as hydrangeas, roses, mimosas, there have been dozens of flower breeds newly introduced in Da Lat for 10 years, namely chrysanthemum, roses, gerbera, azaleas, the park.


Inside Dalat Flower Park


Here, a cymbidium and orchid garden with pretty large scale belonging to the most beautiful in Dalat is always available for needs on enjoying, purchasing, and exchanging of tourists and customers as well. It is also home to hold annual spring flower fair and is one of the venues for the organization of the event-taking place every 2 years in the flower city.  Its decoration and kinds of flower are changed from time to time in accordance with the theme. Besides; Dalat Flower Park organizes Spring Flower Fair on the annual Lunar New Year - convergence of artists passionating flowers, cymbidiums, orchids, ornamental plants in Dalat and provincial competitions. It can be said that flowers appeared everywhere in Dalat city.  Notably, according statistics of Dalat tourism, Dalat Flower Park is home to the largest collection of flowers with its diverse species.


Magnificent scenery in Dalat Flower Park


Going to Dalat Flower Park, tourists will be certainly very pleased by the artisans who have taken care and collected real flowers artistically. Along with contemplating precious and rare flowers, tourists will have a chance to enjoy their leisure time in sports: shuttlecock kicking, swimming... Visiting Dalat Flower Park on Tet holidays or flower festivals, tourists will have an opportunity to admire the collection of flowers, bonsai, orchids with diverse types and colors of bonsai artists in Dalat city. It would be a huge deficiency for tourists to skip its collection of flower gardens once coming to “the city of thousands flowers” – Dalat - in Central Highlands. Dalat Flower Park thus has played an important role in promoting tourism in Dalat, attracting the great number of domestic and international tourists.

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