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Dankia Lake - Golden Stream

Ankroet Road, Lac Duong District, Dalat, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Retaining its peaceful romantic natural scenery along with the tremendous values on tourism, Dankia Lake - Golden Stream is gradually becoming one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Dalat alluring the large number of tourists.

Far about 17km from Dalat city center to the northwest, Dankia Lake - Golden Stream is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dalat and Lam Dong tourism as well. Situated in Lac Duong district, Golden Stream looks like the young girl just entering the adolescence leaning back the green pine hills endlessly stretching. It is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Dalat with its capacity of about 20 million cubic of water. The lake is home to provide drinking water for Dalat city. It deserves to be an attractive tourist sight for tourists, a true eco-tourism with immense green pine groves, flowers, grasses and rocks.


Dankia Lake - Golden Stream in the morning mist


Golden Stream includes 2 lakes, namely Dankia Lake above and Ankroet Lake below which was created by two dams with the same name called Ankroet crossing Da Dung River and evolved from Lang Biang Mountain. There is a white waterfall also named Ankroet next to the lake - the waterfall had been chosen to build the first hydroelectric plant in Vietnam in 1942 by Governors General Decoux. Da Dung River originates near Chu Yan Kao peak (2,006m), Da Long commune, Lac Duong district. After the confluence with Da Lien Deur stream on the left bank, Da Dung River flows Dankia Lake (also known as Dangkia, Dankir, Dankia) with 2.2km2 wide and Golden Stream with 0,28km2 wide. Here, Doctor A.Yersin was ecstatic when standing before the natural beauty of the majestic mountains on Lang Biang Plateau and then gave birth the idea of establishing resort on the highlands - Dalat city in 1893. Golden Stream today is one of the fascinating tourist Dalat attractions alluring the large number of tourists.


Dankia Lake - Golden Stream seen from Lang Biang Mountain


The path from Dalat to Golden Stream is as beautiful as the green ribbon. The winding road running between two rows of straight pines opens up valleys full of immense lawns. Along the lake is a green pine forests emerging on the clusters of undulating round hills to the foothills of Lang Biang Mountain. Beside the lake is a row of small shops with simple bamboo providing tourists all necessities needed for a trip. From the lake falling down the dam is an artificial waterfall extremely spectacular violently rushing down the small streams all day and night. None knows from when the name of Golden Stream had been called; perhaps there is a lot of placer gold here. Yet the cool water flowing of Golden Stream really provides water and electricity to the City of Flower - Dalat. Discovering Golden Stream is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Dalat.


Golden Stream Dalat


As one of the most popular freshwater Dalat lakes, Golden Stream has a capacity of about 20 million cubic of water. Along with providing fresh water for Dalat city, the lake is also used to operate the generators of Ankroet hydropower plant with its capacity of 15 million kw/h/year. In addition, there is also a Golden Stream water plant fairly modern under the constructing cooperation of Denmark. It was completed in 1984 with a capacity of 18.000m3 / sec. Not only retaining the actual value as mentioned above, Golden Stream Lake also brings values on culture and tourism. Golden Stream welcomes thousands of tourists to visit and explore yearly. Golden Stream Lake in particular as well as Dalat travel in general is planning the construction of tourism projects such as horse racing tracks, golf courts. Hopefully, Golden Stream Lake will become one of the most important tourist addresses in Dalat.


A bridge at Dankia Lake - Golden Stream


Currently, setting foot on Dankia Lake - Golden Stream, tourists will have a chance to discover Golden Valley, Ankroet Waterfall, Golden Stream Dam and Dankia Lake as well. Tourists can also admire the panorama of Dankia Lake - Golden Stream when setting foot on Radar peaks (1,950m) in Lang Biang tourist area. These experiences will be actually impressive that tourists can hardly find anywhere else. Having an opportunity to immerse in the peaceful natural surroundings of Golden Stream, admire the extremely romantic scenery here, the journey of discovering Dalat tours will be certainly much more memorable to tourists in mind. Golden Stream thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Dalat tourism closer to tourists both at home and abroad.

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