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Bai Tho Mountain - Poem Mountain

Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province , Vietnam

Located adjacent Halong Bay, Bai Tho Mountain seen from afar looks like a massive castle with 3 undulating towers on the solid walls. Going to the mountain is to comfortably admire majestic Halong Bay and soak up the romantic and peaceful nature.

Situated in Halong city center and right in the bayside, Bai Tho is the name of the mountain owning a height of 200 m. The mountain was originally called "Truyen Dang" (Lighthouse) with implying the extremely watchtower of the Northeast gate from thousands of years ago guiding boats on the bay. In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong's poem was carved on a cliff. Truyen Dang Mountain then had been changed its name into Bai Tho Monntain.


Welcome dawn at Bai Tho Mountain


Though it is not the highest mountain in the coastal city, thanks to the mountain side overlooking the bay, the mountain is considered the most ideal viewing spot in Halong. Due to the path up to Bai Tho Mountain flickering in the alley of the families on Hang Noi Street, Bach Dang Ward, it is not easy to conquer this mountain. The path is not too long but quite steep. Yet thanks to the system of solid stone steps, tourists can just relax, keeping their climbing. Two side aisles are hundreds of plants that have grown from the limestone cliffs. Whenever tourists participate in Halong travel to Bai Tho in the summer or fall, the air here is still cool. Together with the melodious birdsong as at a royal garden, tourists can also easily catch the goats grazing on the slopes, or the monkey perching on a tree branches.


Breathtaking view from Bai Tho Mountain


After about 30 minutes of climbing, tourists will able to set foot on Bai Tho Mountain.  There are a poetry carved stone stele and flagpole on top of the mountain. Whoever used to or has not visited Halong Bay are certainly also stunned by the poetic scenery and spectacular beauty out front. Seemly only standing on the mountain, tourists just understand why the Bay is called Halong. Far from the mountain down the Bay, there is a group of dragon with numerous large and small rocky islands bobbing on the surface of the bay. This seems to be a new viewing angle, even residents of the coastal city. Standing on top of Bai Tho Mountain, tourists have a chance to admire the new "appearance" of Halong city. From daily hustling and bustling Bai Chay tourist zone, the Vietnam's longest cable-stayed bridge crossing Cua Luc River to the downtown with high-rise buildings, mines where exploiting "black gold" of the country, all exudes strong vitality of a young city.


Stele at Bai Tho Mountain


Coming to Bai Tho Mountain, tourists can comfortably explore Halong within 1 km radius from the foot of the mountain. The first stop in the journey is Long Tien Pagoda, the most famous pagoda in the city. Located among the crowded streets with more than 70 years old with the legs leaning against Bai Tho Mountain, Long Tien Pagoda has remained its inherent majestic and tranquil appearance. Together with offering incense to pray to Buddha, tourists to the pagoda is to visit, go sightseeing and enjoy the soothing and airy space under dreaming mountain shadow. Not far from Long Tien Pagoda is the coastal road linking Bai Tho Bridge 1 and Bai Tho 2 for new traffic. Tourists coming here can take a walk or leisurely bike ride around the foot of the mountain, and feel the sea breeze blowing from the wasters. Stopping at one of the street vendors or enjoying fresh seafood dishes is one of the fascinating things to do in Halong in general and Bai Tho Mountain in particular.


Long Tien Pagoda


In particular, within a radius of 1 km, Halong market is a tourist attraction in Halong tourists should not ignore. As the largest commercial center in Halong with deserve items from souvenirs, fashion, or electronics... outdoor seafood market attracts the most both domestic and foreign tourists. Kinds of seafood sold here are mostly caught from boats which have just docked. Tourists can purchase "cu ki" (stone crab), "be be" (mantis shrimp), “sam” (Tachypleus tridentatus), "tu hai" (geoduck), octopus... with the most reasonable price and comfortably enjoy them right on the journey discovering Halong. In addition, snack shops, boutiques along Le Thanh Tong Street through Bai Tho Mountain are also home to satisfy tourists' tastes and their shopping. Delicious dished and spectacular natural landscapes actually leaves deep impression to tourists in minds.


A spectacular Halong Bay view from Bai Tho Mountain


Bai Tho Mountain is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Halong tourism. Come here to find a sense of pride on the country, homeland, and Vietnam waters which are beloved and gorgeous. This beautiful mountain is worthy a must-see tourist spot in any Halong tours, attracting both domestic and internartional tourists.

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