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Halong Market

Le Thanh Tong Str, Bach Dang Ward, Halong City, Vietnam

Located right in the heart of Halong City, Halong market is both a leading wholesale market of the province, and a rendezvous to visit and go fascinating shopping of domestic and international tourists once seting foot in Quang Ninh.

Originally built in 2003, Halong market has far well exploited its available advantages to scale up to 36 commodity sectors which are sorted into separate commodities and convenient for sale, as well as for management. There are more than 5,000 passengers to visit and purchase at the market per day. The number can reach up more than 7,000 at weekend. Halong market gradually becomes one of the fascinating attractions in Halong. Among 4 zones of Halong market, zone 1 owns the largest area at all. It consists of 4 floors with the first floor for garage, and 3 floors are on sale goods.


Inside Halong Market


It's easy to find Halong market because it is situated in Halong city center with the convenient transportation. Setting foot on the market at weekends, tourists can engage in the crowded shopping and sightseeing. The market will be much more crowded in the summer when tourists spend their vacation in the majestic Halong Bay. For local workers, they will enlist to go out for shopping with their family on the holidays. Meanwhile, with many tourists who would like to discover the real experiences, Halong market is an indispensable attraction of Quang Ninh tourism in general and tourism in Halong Bay in particular to ascertain about the nature, people and the living here.


Fruits at Halong Market


Stepping into the main entrance of Halong market, tourists will be lost in the world of electronics, home appliances, groceries on the left; handicraft products, cosmetics, and gifts on the right...They all are arranged neatly and conveniently for tourists to visit, go sightseeing and shopping. In particular, the most dramatic might be the booth selling souvenirs. Tourists can encounter daily familiar objects such as combs, chopsticks, bracelets, hair pins, glove boxes... but dressed up an extremely eye-catching appearance. The wind chimes from the shells or seashells thereby become unique and sound like the sea breeze. In addition, the shopkeepers are actually courteous and hospitable, along with numerous unique "way" of marketing but no less thoughtful. For those who pay attention to clothing and footwear, the 3th and 4th floor will actually be their own world. Here, tourists will comfortably choose costumes in accordance with their demands. The pavilion is easy to please even the most demanding guests. Whoever can also choose their own comfort products among a vast colorful world of clothing.


Clothing booth at Halong Market


In particular, going to Halong market in any Halong Bay tours, tourists seem to get lost in a culinary kingdom. The products here are actually diverse, especially seafood products, which characterize Quang Ninh waters. Among them, delicious and cheap Halong squid ball must be named first. In addition, the service attitude of the sellers is extremely polite, deeply leaving impression for tourists. Tourists to Halong mostly look for fried squid, dried squid, and dried fish as a gift. Furthermore, the market corner near entrance is home to numerous snack products with enough dishes such as tortilla chips, chicken stew, bread rolls, and dried cow dummy... However, so as not to regret when leaving, tourists should not miss the "sam" dish - a distinctive cuisine of Halong culinary. As one of marine species of crab family, "sam" here is processed into many delicious dishes such as "sam" rolls, sweet and sour "sam" eggs and “sam" legs.


Squid ball - the famous dishes at Halong Market


At weekends, the number of tourists is almost doubled compared with on weekdays, products in the market thus are fully prepared with the highest quality safety.  Not only is it profit-oriented, Halong market is also home to build trade civilization, product branding and image of Halong Bay tourism as well.  The market is looking to build a "tourism market" in the rise of Halong tourism.

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