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Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam

Located to the south, far about 2km from Nha Trang seaport, Tri Nguyen Aquarium gradually creates great appeal for tourists. Inaugurated in 1998, this is currently the largest-scale aquarium in Vietnam.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is situated on Bong Nguyen Island, also called Hon Mieu Island, Nha Trang Bay; half an hour from Cau Da Port, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa province. It is a unique architectural works designed with the structure like an aquarium in the fairytale. It was first constructed in 1997. At the beginning, this place is quite desert, mainly made use of available advantages without any investment. To promote all its natural potentials offered to humans, Khanh Hoa Tourist Company had invested in construction of Tri Nguyen Aquarium in a unique design of an ancient ship divided into many floors.


A corner of Tri Nguyen Aquarium


Coming to Tri Nguyen Aquarium, tourists will have a chance to explore the ocean bottom and contemplate the life of marine species, along with the companion of the mermaid. Notably, the seawater here owns an easy circulation into and out of the, thanks to the banks which had been so cleverly arranged as to provide sufficient spaces for the water to flow in and out. Water supplying condition thus is quite suitable for the marine animals in the compartments. Among the aquarium, there are the wide aisles which are paved with concrete or stones. Setting foot on Tri Nguyen Aquarium, tourists will actually feel like being lost in a real Palace with an extremely attractive and abundant flora and fauna.




There are totally 8 floors designed inside the ship. Basemen floor, close to sea level, is decorated in the form of caves with stalactites, which includes 4 large aquariums and a small one. It is home to hundreds of marine species introduced in the nearly natural environment. Souvenirs and handicrafts are displayed in floor 2, and the third floor is restaurant. On the deck is a mast and a cannon, an ideal position to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea from above. Mostly, fish lakes here own an area of about 150 - 200 m2. In which, the largest one with 3ha wide contains the most extensive variety of fish. The system of fish lakes consists of 2 forms: outdoor and indoor. Outdoor lakes are home to all the familiar fish such as mackerel, tuna, pompano, stingray... In particular, hiding in caves are squids and giant lobsters... Indoor one is quite smaller, yet all are rare species. Tourists may never witness and admire some kinds of fish if failing to set foot on this place, such as seahorse, the unique species whose male bear eggs and give birth, Japanese carps in a noble gait, Napoleon butterfish, or Picasso fish... It looks like a miniature ocean.


Entrance to Tri Nguyen Aquarium


In particular, the third lake seems to be the most unique one. It is dedicated to raise tortoises and turtles. Turtles here weigh over 100kg owning their shells on their backs with a diameter of 1.5 m filled with seaweed, clams, and snails. Interestingly, just sitting on stone embankment, using legs to slightly stir the water face or drop some pieces of bread into the lake, tourists can gather turtle or tortoise around. Besides, the 4th lake is built much larger-scale, adjacent the foothills and beaches. The lake offers an abundant variety of marine world in multi shapes. After visiting the aquarium, tourists will step outside the deck, in which benches will be available for tourists to rest. Each bench is designed according to the model of a lovely sea creature such as shrimp, squid, snails, fish... Continue to step up spiral ladders like in real ships to the top of the ship; tourists will comfortably admire a panoramic view of poetic and charming Nha Trang Bay.


View from Tri Nguyen Aquarium


Not only stopping there, Tri Nguyen also continues its investment to create innovation in order that tourists will not feel bored even returning much more times. Accordingly, models of giant shrimp, crabs, or mushrooms (5 tons weigh, 7m high) have been built, creating new scenery and deeply leaving impression for tourists. Furthermore, numerous either indoor or outdoor aquariums covered by royal orchids, casuarinas or tropical almond trees with circle-shaped leave... contribute the charming scenery. They all aim to turn Tri Nguyen Aquarium into one of the most key tourist attractions in Nha Trang.


Panoramic view of Tri Nguyen Aquarium


Tri Nguyen Aquarium is an appealing attraction with the diverse flora and fauna. Hundreds of nice and precious marine creatures are bred in the lake, forming a real marine museum. This deserves a fascinating attraction luring tourists in Nha Trang tourism, especially when arriving in the beautiful coastal city.

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