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Squid fishing trips Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Squid fishing trips Phu Quoc is one of the fascinating tourist services in the pearl island alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists. Exploring once the wonderful trip, tourists will actually get unforgettable memories.

Phu Quoc is the green and ideal tourist spot strongly alluring both domestic and international tourists. The beautiful island welcomes nearly 400 thousand tourists yearly. After hours of relaxing, admiring the unspoiled beauty of the mountains, the sea and visiting amazing nature on the island, tourists can also participate in the great number of unique activities at night. Try to play the role of a diligent fisherman on the sea experiencing squid fishing trips Phu Quoc and enjoy the porridge with squid when the boat is floating among the immense sea.


Boat serves squid fishing Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc Island, a wonderful island in Vietnam not only is famous for its pristine beaches, tranquil natural scenery but also attracts tourists thanks to extremely enjoyable tourist experiences. One of the most attractive services strongly alluring any tourists when going to Phu Quoc is squid fishing trips. Although just appeared a few years ago, kind of squid fishing tourism has become one of the most things to do in Phu Quoc attracting numerous tourists. Coral reefs in Doi Moi Islet, Mong Tay Islet or Doi Cape, Hon Dam Islet, Gieng Tien, Kem Beach... are the indispensable address in the journey of conquering Phu Quoc tour.


Squid fishing trips in Phu Quoc


Around 5 pm is the high time for the trains to take tourists out to the sea in order to start their squid fishing trips. The night falls down makes whole Phu Quoc Island becomes quiet, yet the sea becomes much vivid with twinkling lights. Perhaps nothing is much more awesome than immersing in the immense sky and the cool wind of the sea. For many tourists, squid fishing trips both provide interesting experiences and help them practice their own patience. Once exploring the squid fishing trips in Phu Quoc tours, tourists will actually get unforgettable experiences.


Participate in squid fishing Phu Quoc


After the ship moors, the system of electric lighting on board will be lit to attract the school of squid. The sparkling lights shimmering in the night create the scene like the bustling city among the immense sea. In order to collect the great number of squid, tourists must fish in the deep-waters and try to toss the bait away. Each squid fishing trip lasts only in a few hours, but it is enough to leave the special impression to tourists in mind. There will be nothing much more interesting than catching the squid in the waters or pick up swordfish, needlefish on the sea water. All of tourists have a chance to enjoy the relaxing moments, explore the wonderful ocean, admire the beauty of the sea at night and enjoy the delicious dishes from "the spoils" that they have just caught.


Tourist at squid fishing trips Phu Quoc


Techniques of squid fishing will be instructed in details by the crew. It takes only some minutes for tourists to fish the squid by themselves without any the assistance. The spoils will be processed into the attractive porridge with squid or excellent specialties. The night falling down makes whole Phu Quoc Island become quiet, yet the life of the fishermen at the sea becomes much more hustling with twinkling lights. It is the high time to experience the interesting relaxing moments at sea among the boundless night. It deserves one of the credibly wonderful experiences in the journey of discovering Phu Quoc travel attracting the great number of both domestic and international tourists.


Phu Quoc squid fishing trips - grilled squid


If having the opportunity to Phu Quoc, tourists should one enjoy the delightful feelings when fishing the squid. Squid fishing trips Phu Quoc will surely take tourists closer to nature, bring them to immerse in the daily life of the people in Phu Quoc, and forget the bustle and hustle of the urban life. The trips thus display their significant contributions in bringing Phu Quoc tourism closer to tourists both at home and abroad.

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