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Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, Vietnam

Fairy Stream is an ideal place for tourists who would like to immerse in the wild nature. Tourists going to Fairy Stream will certainly have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility, the fresh air and forget chaos and worries of the urban life as well.

About 5km from Duong Dong Town to Suoi Da village through red road, tourists will set foot on Fairy Spring. From upstream, the stream flows over 1km long through the large number of slits of the mountains, the vast forests and the craggy cliffs. Fairy Spring looks like the streams of the girls' hair soft and shiny flying in the wind. In the green background of spectacular mountains along with the fresh space, the stream over time beautifies a bright color making the natural picture become charming when the sun up and then become tranquil when the sunset falls down. Fairy Spring is worth to become one of the unique tourist attractions in Phu Quoc alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists.


Breathtaking landscape at Fairy Stream Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc Island has long been regarded as a miniature Vietnam including seas, mountains, rivers, caves, springs, plains and forests. Phu Quoc is also home to airport, train stations, amusement parks and the great number of other well-known resorts. Along with the blue sea water and white sandy shores, tourists participating in Phu Quoc travel can visit numerous beautiful streams in Phu Quoc, namely Da Ban Stream, Da Ngon Stream, Tranh Stream... Yet the most romantic and untouched Phu Quoc streams is Fairy Spring. Fairy Stream crepting among rocky mountains forming small waterfalls and a fairly wide lake will be surely satisfy any tourists setting foot on here. It gradually becomes one of the appealing Phu Quoc attractions attracting numerous tourists.


Charming Fairy Stream Phu Quoc


Moreover, the scenery here is extremely attractive, which is winding primitive forest that tourists actually will be overwhelmed by the spectacular natural landscapes. Following the winding roads, tourists will set foot on Fairy Stream center. Here, tourists find it easy to catch the stream rushing over large boulders as at Da Ban Stream, then crepting through the rocks beneath, which creates extremely spectacular and eye-catching scenery. The space in Fairy Spring looks like a masterpiece of the Creator that is the convergence of charming mountain and water. Tourists will have a chance to admire the natural landscapes here and hold picnic on the rocks in the stream. The water in the stream is fairly cool and fresh, tourists thus often dip and lean their back on the large stone for massaging to relax; simultaneously, enjoy the fragrance of flowers surroundings. Discovering Fairly Stream is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Phu Quoc.


Bewitching beauty of Fairy Stream Phu Quoc


The nature favorably bestows Phu Quoc beautiful pristine islands along with the primitive forests attracting tourists. Setting foot on Fairy Stream in Phu Quoc tour, tourists will be comfortable to explore amazing experiences. The road to Fairy Spring is extremely bewitching with many stretches of winding roads among the primitive forests full of trees. Like Da Ban Stream, Tranh Stream, in the heart of Fairy Spring houses the big flat rocks like tables serving tourists for relaxation. Tourists can jump over the rocks and comfortably swim or simply immerse in the cool water flowing, even lean their back into the waterfall for massaging. The journey of exploring Phu Quoc travel will be definitely much more memorable when tourists set foot on charming Fairy Spring.


Fairy Stream Phu Quoc


Both sides of Fairy Spring are home to Rose Myrtle. During the ripening Rose Myrtle season, the locals here usually harvest the fruit for processing into wine, called wine of Rose Myrtle - a famous specialty in Phu Quoc. Most of tourists when visiting Fairy Stream carry a bottle of wine of Rose Myrtle along with pepper and Phu Quoc fish sauce as the gifts as well as the memories of the wonderful trip. Fairy Spring is not a famous tourist site in Phu Quoc tours with the beaches retaining seductive white sandy shores gently stretching but the unspoiled natural beauty, which is suitable for picnic picnics on weekends. Going to Fairy Stream, tourists feel like to forget sorrows and hardships of the life in order to immerse in fresh breathing of the nature instead.


Rose Myrtle at Fairy Stream Phu Quoc


Fairy Spring attracts tourists thanks to beautiful natural scenery retaining pristine features. Tourists once going to Phu Quoc should visit the unique tourist rendezvous. It is extremely tranquil, tourists thus can quietly contemplate the nature and forget chaos and worries of daily urban life. Fairy Spring thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Phu Quoc tourism closer to both domestic and international tourists.

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