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100 Egg Mud Bath

Nguyen Tat Thanh Blvd, Phuoc Trung, Phuoc Dong, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Tourists will comfortably enjoy relaxed feelings when soaking in giant eggs mingling with evergreen banana forest in 100 Egg Mud Bath. Immersing in the swimming pools and hot mineral springs, tourists will seemly relieve all worries from daily life.

Located in Phuoc Dong commune, Nha Trang city, 100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang is far about 8km from the the city center. This is the third tourist complex offering mud bathing services and hot mineral bathing at the coastal city. Looking down from above, entire "egg forests” in combination with banana, papaya and areca gardens appear extremely magnificent scenery. 100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang is a unique and fully attractive rendezvous with fresh natural environment and the system of complete services. It is one of the new potential tourist attractions in Nha Trang.


Entrance to 100 Egg Mud Bath


To meet the needs of domestic and foreign tourists, PONOGA Co., Ltd. has invested in building 100 Egg Mud Bath with a total area of over 23 hectares, including Mineral Mud Bathing Zone, Resort Zone and Amusement Parks Zone. 100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang not only provides tourists the satisfaction and convenience from diverse service systems, modern architecture and fresh natural environment but also restructures the typical, unique, exquisite, and meaningful beauty of Champa culture. Discovering magnificent features is one of best things to do in Nha Trang with every tourist.


Inside 100 Egg Mud Bath


Going to 100 Egg Mud Bath, the most impressive is mineral mud bathing zone with 115 mineral soaking pools carrying the large egg-shapes. Looking down from above, these white eggs stand out among the green of the trees running along the hillsides. Imitating the shape of eggs, soaking pool each retains 2m high and 1.8m in diameter. Dipping inside the egg and overlooking the surroundings, tourists seem to be lost in the forest of eggs. The mineral mud bathing area can accommodate 400 tourists at once. Apart from this zone, tourists also find the image of eggs scattered throughout entire tourist area. They are flexibly designed with multiple size and different shapes. It is unique designing features that have confirmed the position of the tourist area in Nha Trang tours.


Unique design of 100 Egg Mud Bath


As an impressive tourist attraction in Nha Trang, the mineral mud bathing zone is also designed with 3 swimming pools more and several other items of works including restaurants, resting lodges, mud zone, egg coffee, Champa Café, Champa neighborhood, and steam zone... In particular, the Champa neighborhood is designed in the architecture of ancient Champa using red brick with blue sandstone and pink sandstone. Along the hillsides, interspersing colorful flora is subtle reliefs portraying the Cham dances. Setting foot in Vietnamese folklore area and Central Highlands cultural area, tourists are free to explore and ascertain about the beauty of the national traditional culture.


100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang  - Champa Cafes


Together with Mineral Mud Bathing Services - one of the typical characteristics of Khanh Hoa tourism, 100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang also provides 100 Egg Restaurant, Ponaga Garden, Thai Binh Penjing, Vietnam Traditional, Central Highlands House, Tinh Tam Hill, hot mineral foot bathing area and climbing area....They are always available for the choice of tourists. It can be seen as the excellent service complex, which is ready to meet all the needs of tourists when participating in Nha Trang travel to the tourist area. Furthermore, artificial waterfall near the swimming pool is a highlight for the perspective of whole tourist complex. It is the harmonious combination between the beauty of Da Dia Criff (Phu Yen) and spectacular appearance of Central Highlands mountains and forest.


100 Egg Mud Bath - 100 Egg Restaurant


Architectural works in the tourist complex are designed in accordance with the slope of the terrain. 100 Egg Mud Bath encompasses images and culture of various regions in Vietnam country. It not only brings the majestic look of Central Highlands but also awakes the poetic images of the rice terraces in Northwest and bears the characteristics of Champa culture. All blends together to form the perfect leisure rendezvous to meet all the needs of tourists. With its breathtaking design, 100 Egg Mud Bath deserves a must-see attraction for all tourists to Nha Trang travel.


Stunning scenery of 100 Egg Mud Bath


As one of the potential Nha Trang attractions, setting foot in 100 Egg Mud Bath, tourists will surely feel relaxed, playful and exciting to enjoy their memorable vacation with numerous unique services. 100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang wishes to give tourists completely new experiences of the type of tourism quite familiar; simultaneously, hands out tourists valuable gifts that the nature favorably bestows.

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