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Nha Trang – Top ideal coastal tourism cities

Fri, 23 Jan 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

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With winding stretches of white sand beaches, azure water, cool climate, warm sunlight all year round, gorgeous landscape and ideal recreation areas, Nha Trang has become a an attractive destinations for not only the Vietnamese but also foreign tourists.

Our first destination will be one of the most beautiful resorts in Nha Trang as evaluated by Tripadvisor. Peaceful space and fresh air are what you can feel when setting your feet into this resort. The spacious green area gives you a chance to get closer to nature. As all the resorts turn to lok onto the sea, they always enjoy cool wind and are brightly lit in sunlight. The green space gives travelers such a pleasant and tranquil experience. A high resort can be another choice for you. From this space, you can fully enjoy cool wind all day and the beautiful landscape. When you choose this space for your stay, you will have your own romantic private space.

Inside, all the interior decoration is arranged in the extrovert direction, thus giving the feel of harmony with the pure and fresh space outside. Elegant color and modern design of a 5-star resort make your choice a perfect one. The restaurant, cafe and swimming pool complex is right next to the beach. Every detail is taken great care of. Entering this place, you can’t miss a cocktail and some relaxing moments to prepare yourself for the following exciting activities.

The Shack or Ba Ngoi located on Bai Dai – the longest beach with the most limpid water in Nha Trang is an ideal place for those who want to experience the vibrant coastal city of Nha Trang. The tropical space of The Shark is created from both colors and music. Despite its simplicity, the site wins the heart of so many tourists. When coming to a gorgeous beach with azure water, white sand and bright sunlight, tourists can try sea sports apart from sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

It’s time for us to admire the beauty of the life under the sea. We can easily see coral reefs only 2m from the surface of the sea thanks to the nice weather. All you need to see colorful coral reefs coming in a range of shapes are a life jacket and a diving mask. As there are so many coral reefs along Bai Dai, we can easily find a site to explore. If you want to have amazing experiences here in Nha Trang, don’t forget to come to Bai Dai and The Shack-Ba Ngoi.

Egg Mud Bath has been opened to tourists for not only a year but it’s now one of the must-see attractions in Nha Trang. When you first come here, you will be amazed at eggs of all colors and sizes – which beautify the space and tell tourists why the site adopts the name of Egg Mud Bath. Tourists not only see a variety of eggs but also have relaxing moments with mud and minerals. Soaking your body in warm mineral water after taking part in exciting outdoor activities is just amazing. As the water is kept at 40-45 degree Celsius, it facilities skin capillary expansion. Minerals and 13 kinds of herbs will surely improve your health.

After soaking in mineral water for 20 minutes, your tiredness will be all driven away. Let’s bath in other lovely eggs with mud. Those who have never bathed in mud before may find it strange but full of curiosity. Mineral mud not only treats some bone-related diseases but also smoothens your skin. It removes dead cells, makes pores smaller and whitens your skin. Enjoying a mineral bath in such a fresh space helps you relieve stress and get your mind back on track. There are also tubs which are large enough for the whole family here.

Bathing either with a spray of water or in a hydraulic massage pool is really healthy. It enhances blood circulation and the performance of your legs, heart and blood vessels. It’s such a comprehensive process of taking care of your health. The Egg Mud Bath not only gives tourists pleasant feelings with mineral and mud bath and green with a lot of fresh air but also offers the majestic Central Highlands imbued with mountain and forest views. Tourists who stay here can have truly comfortable moments in well-equipped rooms and commune with nature.

The Sailing Club is possibly the best place to go to when you want to enjoy exciting activities at night here in Nha Trang. The club has soft light and luxurious decorations which make up a really romantic space of enjoying time of your own, with your sweetheart, friends or family. The club offers a wide range of drinks. Just tell the bartender what cocktail you want and he will make you surprised. The music changes in different hours. It gets more and more exciting at night and tourists can more their body while listening to it. It the weather allows it, we can go to the seaside bar to enjoy the fresh sea wind and spend the night with music and light. The outdoor bar offers tourists a chance to have a night of a lifetime.

A wide range of Western and Asian dishes is waiting for us at this beautiful restaurant. You can order the dishes you want or take part in a morning buffet. If you are not hurried for exploring Nha Trang, you can swim or read a book you like by the swimming pool.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET 

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