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Hoi An travel to New Moon Festival

Wed, 25 Jun 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

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The New Moon festival is held on the 14th evening of the lunar month in Hoi An ancient town. This is a magic festival and recalls of the real life of Hoi An people four centuries ago.

For two days I stayed at the hotel, it was affordable but because my overspending on clothes. I began to look for the cheap recorders. One evening, I visit a small restaurant that served fish and chips. I discover two young Australian men named Jerry. He told me that the owner middle-age woman named An. Also, on the guest house in fact he was living there himself, so I moved there the next day. It was nice newly constructed. Every day, I go to bike and take it for a few minutes ride to the Hoi An old town.

I would spend time checking up on the clothes I ordered. Riding around the street to the old city and of course relaxing in a restaurant. In the afternoon, I would usually return to the house. Sometimes, I would head out to the beach which is only 15 minutes away. After about four days, several adjustments and settings my clothes were finally done.

Later in the afternoon, after picking up my finished suits, I headed back to the old town down by the river front. I found a restaurant with the table overlooking the street in the bridge. As the darkness fell, the crowds increase ready to witness Hoi An main attraction. Every fourteenth evening of the lunar month, Hoi An holds what's called New Moon Festival at about 6:30. The streets are blocked off to motorized traffic. And shortly thereafter all buildings turned off their white lights leaving only the colored lanterns to cast warm glow over the buildings and off the water.

A few children sell paper lantern where stick with water but they're charming entreaties, didn't move me to part with my money. They did have some success with people around me. The waterfront as well as the streets packs of visitors and locals. And it seemed as if it was taken as an opportunity for anyone to perform whatever they wanted. I walk back to the old town on the way home. The party was just getting started but I am and had an early start taking a day trip north. I had time to my visit to Hoi An Vietnam and to coincide with the new festival. In despite of the crowds like Saigon during Tet, it had been an unforgettable nocturnal spectacle with the Hoi An old town as stage and star actor.


Source: under Creative Commons

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