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Cat Ba where sea and forest meet

Sat, 24 Jan 2015 . Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:19

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Once setting foot in Cat Ba Island, you should not miss the chance to experience excellent services of a luxurious resort, go to Monkey Island to see hilarious and friendly monkeys and cycle along clean roads to commune with nature in Cat Ba.

Cat Ba archipelago has 366 islands of different sizes. The main island Cat Ba or so-called “gem island” has the area of about 100 square km. It’s located 30 nmi from Haiphong port. Together with Halong Bay, the archipelago forms a complex of enchanting islands and caverns for tourists to explore.

Located 2km from Cat Ba town to the East, Monkey Island resort is a luxurious resort on Cat Dua 2 beach. Cat Dua island, or the so-called Monkey Island is one of the most famous islands in Lan Ha Bay. This is a popular attraction in Cat Ba for domestic and foreign tourists. Lan Ha bay in Cat Ba is as beautiful as Halong Bay in Quang Ninh. However, it has its own attraction. When coming here, tourists can enjoy the fresh air and commune with nature. There are many lovely islets with gorgeous untouched white sandy beaches. Tourism investors turn some of these islets into resorts to offer tourists a chance t o have great moments with the sunlight, wind and sapphire water that nature has blessed the area with.

Tourists are first impressed with the resort’s bungalows that overlook the sea. These bungalows’ design was inspired by the cottages of people in tropical areas. All of them are roofed with leaves – easily found materials in Vietnam. Although they look quite simple, they can bring tourists a feeling of living close to nature. What makes this resort different from other resorts in Lan Ha bay is the variety of trees and flowers on the island. Surrounded by high mountain cliffs, these green trees make separated bungalows stand out.

There are different kinds of rooms and most of them overlook Lan Ha bay. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the bay at dawn when the sky is high and blue or at sunset. The beach of the resort is a separate one and is only open to a limited number of tourists who book their rooms in advance in peak time like summer. It’s impossible for tourists to refuse to jump into the clean and clear water when coming to this beautiful island. This is really a plus of Monkey Island resort to win the hearts of those who love nature and hope to enjoy the untouched beauty of Lan Ha bay.

It is a big pity if we visit Cat Ba and Lan Ha bay without going to the Monkey Island to see naughty monkeys. The resort adopted its name as Monkey Island resort because it’s located right next to the area which monkeys often come to. Passing the track to the mountain with lots of stone on its sides to reach the mountain top, we can see the whole island crowded with tourists. Cat Dua beach is a range of islands in Lan Ha bay and Monkey Island is the only place where tens of monkeys live.

Local people and tourists often give monkeys beer, soft drinks and fruits. They also give them funny names like Old Man, Beauty, Cleft Lip, Beckham and so on. After climbing the mountain and bathing in the sea, tourists take a rest before having a meal. This is the time when the troop of monkeys appears. They take turn to “perform” to draw tourists’ attention. Many domestic and foreign tourists to the island love to see monkeys flocking to the beach to play with them.

Tourists can feel the cozy family atmosphere here. That’s what the resort managers hope to offer. Tourists can taste oysters, blood cockles or mantis shrimps grilled over charcoal stoves. These fresh seafood species are caught by local fishermen. Coming here, tourists set all troubles of their daily life aside to enjoy relaxing moments with their friends and family members. Even the name Lan Ha arouses tourists’ curiosity. It’s a bay located in the Southeast of Cat Ba archipelago that is going to seek for UNESCO recognition as a natural heritage.

Many tourists coming to Lan Ha bay are amazed at the marvelous creativity of the Creator when they see nearly 400 islands of varied sizes and different shapes. When looking at these islands, they think of many special images like a pen (But islet), a fairy (Ong But islet), a shoe (Guoc islet) or a bat (Doi islet). These islets leave a strong impression on visitors to the bay. Lan Ha bay is as beautiful as Halong Bay and it has special features. Spectacular landscape with numerous limestone mountains divides the sea into many coves and inlets. All islands here are with green trees. When coming to these islands, tourists can see various wild animals.

While cycling on clean roads in Viet Hai and enjoying the fresh air here, tourists sometimes stop to admire the beauty of the place they see on the way. Viet Hai village is surrounded by high mountains and forests of Cat Ba National Park (Cat Ba district, Haiphong). Few domestic tourists come here but the village is a real attraction for foreign visitors. Viet Hai village has clay straw houses. They make up an unforgettable highlight of the solitary village or the so-called “island inside an island”.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET 

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