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Noticeable attractions in Saigon

Mon, 27 Apr 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

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Dubbed as “Pearl of Far East”, Saigon is not only known as the busiest commercial center but also the famous tourism city of Vietnam with colorful vibrant and bustling tourism space appealing visitors once visited this city.

It’s not difficult to see Saigonese people drinking coffee while reading newspaper in the morning. This image has been familiar with the locals for a long time, and become its distinction. Along with the development of the city, its people have many different ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. Here comes the first stopover.

“Bet” coffee shops in the park on Han Thuyen Street are ideal stopovers for us to drink coffee. Moreover, many young people often get together here. All stir up the atmosphere at one of the green corners of the city. We’ve just met young people with a passion for music. Going to the park, enjoying “bet” coffee, we can find simple things in life that make us happy.

Built in the 19th century of the Roman architecture, the cathedral has been a symbol of Saigon. In the pace of modern life, the area around the cathedral gets livelier with activities of young people and visitors. This architectural structure is an ideal stopover for them in Saigon. The house was built in 1897 by French architect Eugene Ferre. Thus, it carries typical features of Western European architecture. It has been undergone many restorations. The house is now situated at the city center.

We go upstairs to get the restaurant which is on the top floor of an old apartment building. That’s what makes this kind of restaurant different from many other restaurants and coffee shops in Saigon. I’m talking about Secret Garden Restaurant and Tea House. It’s a small garden that is marked by melon trellis, egg-plants and luffa. Here we can find typical Vietnamese dishes which have been part of our childhood memories. It’s amazing that there is such a space in the middle of this bustling city. But such places are favorite destinations of many locals after hard working hours.

This is one of the largest and most famous markets in Saigon. Ben Thanh Market provides goods of all kinds for people in the city and foreigners. With 4 entrance gates o the eastern, western, southern and northern sides, we can easily get into the market. Like Saigon, Ben Thanh market is the venue of different cultures. It always buzzes with buyers and sellers, clothing kiosks, souvenir shops and food stalls.

Thu Thiem tunnel is the most important construction of the East-West Highway project in HCM City. It was inaugurated on November 20, 2011. This is the most modern tunnel in Southeast Asia, with impressive dimensions: 1.49km long, 33m wide, 9m high; 6 lanes, 3 for each direction for automobile and bikes, not including 2 emergency lanes. The tunnel has become the new destination for both Saigonese people and tourists.

The bridge is called so because it is decorated by countless light bulbs which are as sparking as stars. Interestingly, this is an ideal dating place for those in love. It can be said that this is the most romantic place which witnesses most love stories.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET




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