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Vietnam – The S-shaped country 2487 views

Vietnam – The S-shaped country

Vietnam has a history of over 4,000 years founding and defending the country, is one of the cradles of the human species. Therefore, the materials on the history of Vietnam are a giant treasure anyone who want to find out this S-shaped country.

Vietnam History 1858-1945 2392 views

Vietnam History 1858-1945

The period from 1858 to 1945 is seen the important transitional period of Vietnam history. The period witnessed bloody fights of Vietnamese patriots against French colonists and Japanese fascists to regain the independence and liberation for the nation.

Predestined love tie with Ao Dai - Vietnamese long dress 2085 views

Predestined love tie with Ao Dai - Vietnamese long dress

In Vietnam, Ao Dai (traditional long dress) is made for anyone. It’s the standard outfit for any special and important occasions. It’s also considered the national costume that is loved by both Vietnamese women and international friends.

Cham Muslims in An Giang 2077 views

Cham Muslims in An Giang

An Giang is a famous destinations appealing numerous visitors in Mekong River Delta. Coming here, visitors will have the chance to learn more about the religious life of Cham Muslims – the only ethnic group in Vietnam following the Islam.

The Vietnamese Proclamation of Independence 1981 views

The Vietnamese Proclamation of Independence

During more than 80 years under the French domination, Vietnam experienced many hard fights to regain the independence. The Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam of Ho Chi Minh had marked independencefor the Vietnamese nation.

Vietnam history 1945-1954 1780 views

Vietnam history 1945-1954

Vietnam history in the period 1945-1954 witnessed the glorious victories of Vietnamese nation against the French colonists to regain the independence marking the collapse of the colonialism in Indochina and all over the world.

Vietnamese conical hats 1744 views

Vietnamese conical hats

Vietnamese conical hats can be seen in all parts of the S-shaped country, from the peaceful Northern countryside to the white sand Central region and the Southern region of rivers. Simple and elegant hats make Vietnamese women more and more graceful.

Unique traditional Tet of Muong people 1689 views

Unique traditional Tet of Muong people

Each ethnic group in Vietnam has its own customs of celebrating Tet. Only when attending a complete Tet of Muong people in Rua village, can you feel deep love among the people here and their unique culture.

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