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Predestined love tie with Ao Dai - Vietnamese long dress

Wed, 08 Oct 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:52

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In Vietnam, Ao Dai (traditional long dress) is made for anyone. It’s the standard outfit for any special and important occasions. It’s also considered the national costume that is loved by both Vietnamese women and international friends.

Ao Dai is especially loved by Vietnamese women because it shows their gentle and elegant beauties. Ao Dai also becomes so popular beyond the border that many foreign people are attracted to it. However, no matter how stylized it is, traditional form of Ao Dai is often favored by designers.

While other women want to show their gentle and elegant beauty in wearing Ao Dai, Lan Huong is interested in making Ao Dai. She is one of the iconic designers of this traditional outfit. Born in Hoa Binh, she has no idea about fashion when she was small. At the age of 9, the little girl Lan Huong often came to tailor’s shops to satisfy her passion. She does not know when she started the job. It’s like destiny.

Because of love and passion for Ao Dai, she has got through numerous difficulties to reach success. In 10 years’ career, she has been recognized with many achievements. The biggest one is the title “National artisan of Ao Dai Vietnam” given by the Vietnam Craft Village Association. Now, she is a respected figure in this circle. They often call her designer but she has another idea about that. Designer is the one who sets trends or defines new ideas in fashion. However, we are not Ao Dai designers. We are just followers who inherit and make it stylized. That’s why I am ashamed when being called Ao Dai designer.

As she keeps traditional details of Ao Dai, just adding some new features in the collar and sleeves and some sophisticated embroidery patterns, Lan Huong’ s Ao Dai stands out in the circle of fashion. The Ao Dai she makes is practical and imbued with traditional culture. It is also practical and for multipurpose. With 10 years’ development of Ao Dai brand, Lan Huong is the favorite name of many domestic and international female customers. Her customers are often businesswomen, artists as her designs are elegant, exquisite and artistic.

Each of her Ao Dai collections is a product of her passion and arduous work. Her designs are inspired by her emotions, i.e. a sudden rush of emotion, love and order or nostalgia. Some outstanding collections of her are “legendary Dong Ho”, “Old Quarter”, “Flower Path”, “Lotus Season”, etc. She has two record Ao Dai introduced in 2010. They have a 1.7m front flap and a 10m back flap. They were displayed on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi and highly acclaimed. Ao Dai for the female embroided with phoenix patterns and that for the male with dragon patterns were to offer to the thousand year old Thang Long imperial city. The couple of Ao Dai are recognized by the MoCST Vietnam Guinness Record.

She is a talented, successful woman who wins the admiration and respect of the society. At home, she leaves work behind, becoming a woman with a family happy. Her husband is a photographer who takes photo of her newest collections. He encourages and supports her a lot in her work. Her children are good and learn well. Although she has little time to take care of her family, they are living in happiness.

She has created jobs for 200 workers in her sewing and embroidery shop. Her biggest objective is to keep the traditional craft and strive for the height of beauty and inspire the workers. As a meticulous person, she often checks every making stage so customers can receive not only beautiful but high quality Ao Dai products. Lan Huong had no training on fashion. But the passion and love for the country and the dream of popularizing Vietnamese Ao Dai in the world inspired Lan Huong to constantly learn and promote creativity. She always sets new objectives for her future.

Ao Dai – traditional costume of Vietnam has always been available along with the development of national culture. Thanks to talented and passionate artisans like Lan Huong, Ao Dai has been stylized and innovated to be more beautiful and artistic, yet carrying the traditional cultural identity. Ao Dai artisan Lan Huong has made Ao Dai become an art piece and worked to preserve and promote the traditional customs of our country. She is like a cultural ambassador of Vietnam who brings Ao Dai to the world, introducing a beautiful, friendly and lovely Vietnam where there are gentle ladies wearing sophisticated Ao Dai. What she has done comes from her passion. It’s meaningful and respectable.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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