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Charm of Vietnamese women

Sat, 28 Mar 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:04

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There are many criteria to assess the virtuousness of a woman. However, when you talk about the charm of Vietnamese women, you cannot but mention the perfect beauty, the combination of outside look, inner beauty and their contributions.

A poet remarked that the charm of Vietnamese women lies in their soul, personality and appearance. In particular, the decency and virtuousness Vietnamese women are always highly appreciated. Vietnamese woman become a long-lasting topic poetry and painting. They have traditional and irresistible beauty.

No one can deny the charm and ferminity of Vietnamese traditional long dress. Beautiful curve of the women shows off in an elegant way. The elegance itself makes long dress differ from other kinds of costumes in the world. The wind blows long dress’s lap, making the woman look more charming. In addition, long dress is very soft, thus the wearer must pay attention when they move. That thoughtful gesture makes them look more graceful and charming.

Each collection of long dress is inspired from different emotions. The inherent charm of Vietnamese women fascinates her. And her long dress is a way she honors that beauty. It also means that long dress is beautiful only when it makes the charming, sexy but discreet beauty of Vietnamese women stand out. Around the country of Vietnam, there are many traditional silk villages. Silk is a material used to make the graceful “long dress”. I feel cool in the sunshine of Saigon. As you are wearing the dress made of Ha Dong silk. I love the color of that dress. My poem is about white silk. The simple and honest beauty of a girl in long dress will be beautiful forever, enchanting people. As for photographer Van Tho, he found in designer Lan Huong a beauty both in outside look and soul.

Designer Lan Huong is known for not only her specialized knowledge but also her beauty and intelligence. Perhaps, beauty and intelligence are the secret her to achieve great success and have a happy family that many people admire. Despite her busy work, when she comes home, she is a regular wife, mother, like any other woman. Acknowledging herself as a traditional woman, Lan Huong thinks family is the most important thing to a woman. When she comes home, she puts aside all works to care for the family. “Men make houses, women make homes”.

Once again, the role of wife woman in family is honored because the “construction of home” is important for a happy family. Of course, it would be a little bit impractical when we apply the sayings of the ancients to modern life today. But every family needs the ingenuity of the woman in keeping their home warm. The kitchen will not be warm without a woman’s hands. Lan Huong and her two sons are making a weekend meal with fish, their favorite dish. She wanted to teach her children about independence and responsibility. For her, the children decide their lives; parents just prepare the best platform for them.

On the journey of looking for the beauty of Vietnamese women through their inherent simple soul, a writer once said: “Beside the shimmer of the stars, there is soothing and mysterious light of the mother’s heart”. Surely, nothing in the world is as sacred and noble as motherhood. For Vietnamese people, home is the place where the position of women is highly appreciated. They take care of household chores, from cooking to teaching children, caring for the spiritual life of family members.

For Nguyen Thi Be, she thinks taking care of family and teaching children are indispensable tasks of woman. The great happiness of a woman is to be a wife and a mother, to care for her beloved people. For decades, in this house, everything is handled by her and her daughter-in-law. On the full moon day or the 1st day of a month, they together prepare a full tray of food to pay respect to their ancestors. At such time, warm atmosphere of the family is fully shown. Happiness of the family is created from the smallest things she has done for her children. Over the time, the standard criteria for women have changed, but they are still the people lighting a fire in the family.

Vietnamese women are loyal and virtuous. They beautify life. Do social activity and are dedicated to husband and children. These beautiful virtues make the beauty of Vietnamese women. Women are responsible for the majority of work in the family: creating warm and happy atmosphere, being the spiritual support for husband and children. Women keep fire in the family. If the fire is kept with care, its light will illuminate everywhere.

Another warm spring comes to each family. Again, women in the family have a chance to show off their charm.  With a young girl, god gives them a beautiful face and appearance. But what makes them graceful is a sentimental soul and charming, delicate and discreet gestures. The beauty of the soul will be transformed into their personality and go with them for their whole life. Any small speaks out tenderness of Vietnamese women. They may be dynamic people with modern lifestyle in the society, but at home, they are gentle and lovely. It’s a mixture of modernity and tradition in today’s life that girls need to keep. In spring, trees produce buds. Seeing the charming girls enjoying spring with family and friends, everyone feels happy. One compares humans with flower of the earth. And the young girls are the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The charm of Vietnamese women is the beauty of soul, personality and outside look. They may be a famous designer, or simple woman or a young girl in spring. They all have the beauty of the soul, an indispensable aspect in a traditional beauty of Vietnamese women.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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