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Exploring the undersea world in Cham Island

Wed, 30 Jul 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

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Cham Island is endowed the green forests, the vast sea and a diverse ecosystem by the nature. Thanks to these, Cham Island has been recognized as the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Currently, Cham Island has become one of the ideal attractions in Hoi An appealing more and more tourists every year. Coming to Cham Island, tourists can contemplate the unspoiled beauty of the sea, the natural and the ancient cultures. It is only about 19km from Hoi An old town to Cham Island, tourists can come here by tourist boats or high speed canoes.

The most attractive activity when traveling Cham Island is scuba diving. On a boat is equipped with full of professional facilities for diving and sunbath couches, tourists will come to Mui Da Trang that is dubbed as “undersea paradise” of Cham Island to contemplate the magic beauty of the coral reefs. The coral reefs in Mui Da Trang have the width of 30ha. This is the most ideal diving point in Cham Island.

The team of professional and enthusiastic guides will introduce carefully the using facilities for diving to ensure the safe of tourists.  For those who are interested in marine life exploration activities can dive deep down about 5m to admire the forests in the heart of the sea and their population. Below the depth of about 5m, through the goggles, hiding out in the blue water is a colorful kingdom of marine species.  This kingdom of aquatic animals is a collection of marine algae, sea grass, sea creatures and especially coral reefs. They are vivid like the mysterious aquarium.

There are brilliant and lively coral reefs floating as the living bodies under the water, the fishes hovering, snails and starfishes with full different shapes and color. Tourists are expected to encounter a beautiful marine world with an abundance of colorful fishes, lobsters, mollusks under the clear water surface.

There are 135 coral species in 35 genera of coral found around Cham Island, six species were first recognized in the sea of Vietnam. There are 202 fish species in 85 genera and 36 families of fish, 4 species of lobsters and 84 species of mollusks. Participating Cham Island diving, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the stunning beauty of the sea with countless colorful fishes, beautiful coral reefs sparkling under the clear water.

After diving to explore the Cham Island underworld, it is time for relax. Tourists can enjoy special lunch with fresh seafood and specialties of this island. In addition, tourists can come to Bai Ong to relax, swim, sunbath and participate in sport activities as beach volleyball…  After relaxing, tourists go on the boat to visit around the island and contemplate the stunning beauty of Bai Xep, Bai Huong, Bai Nom, Yen Cave and Bim Cave.

The Vietnamese government and Danish government funded the Cu Lao Cham marine park administration which created the second marine park in Vietnam. The Cu Lao Cham marine protected area includes 8 islands and 5.175ha of water surface with 165 ha of coral reef, 500 ha of seaweed and sea grass beds, which provide habitat for various valuable fish species. The best time for diving is during the calm summer months of June through the end of August when ocean sediment is settled and sun light is strongest.


Source: under Creative Commons

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