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Hanoi – Top 10 most attractive destinations

Wed, 14 Jan 2015 . Last updated Tue, 07 Aug 2018 17:14

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Hanoi, the thousand –year-old city, is the economic, politic and cultural center of Vietnam. Every year, the city attracts millions of tourists at home and aboard. Hanoi’s attractiveness comes from the depth of culture and long-standing traditions.

Recently, TripAdvisor, the leading travel website in the world, has announced the world’s Top 25 most attractive destinations voted by its readers. And Hanoi is among top 10 at rank 8th. Besides Paris, London and Beijing, Hanoi is seen as one of the most attractive destinations with many positive reviews. Hanoi ranked eighth among top 10 most attractive destinations in the world in 2014, according to the US prestigious travel magazine TripAdvisor. Istanbul of Turkey ranked first, followed by Rome (Italy) and London (The UK). TripAdvisor is leading travel website in the world. There is an open forum for travel enthusiasts to share information and experiences on destinations.

The Traveler’s Choice Awards of the U.S. – based-website is held for the 6th time.  The list was based on positive ballots from millions of TripAdvisor readers, travelers and experts around the world in 12 months. According to a post on its website, Hanoi Vietnam is described as a charming city, with a well preserved the Old Quarter, monuments and colonial architecture, while making room for modern developments alongside, which hasn’t forgotten its past. Lakes, parks, shady boulevards and more than 600 temples and pagodas add to the appeal of this city, which is easily explored.

Hanoi Old Quarter is the ideal destination for tourists. Small streets which are full of vehicles are still attractive to tourists. Hanoi’s ancient architecture evokes a spiritual civilization, a cultural lifestyle of the families of many generations. Hanoi’s Old Quarter is the most crowded area. Over the years, streets have been formed under the crafts of residents, namely Hang Bac, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Thuoc Bac, etc. Besides, in Hanoi, there are streets bearing the old French architecture. Those streets are wide, long and covered with trees.

You can buy souvenir bearing the traditional features of Vietnam for your friend right in the center of Hanoi. The thousand-year-old city has kept developing. Having special features, the Old Quarter is a must-visit place of all tourists when coming to Hanoi. Dinh Liet Street is the first site. Here, people sell products bearing the imprint of the ethnic people like bags, scarfs and things made of brocade. Ethnic people make various products of natural materials, gaining much interest of foreign tourists.

Gia Loi Shop is among few oldest shops on Hang Duong Street, the street of salted and sugared dry apricots. Unlike other shops, Gia Loi Shop has its own way to attract customers. They make artistic works of salted and sugared dry apricots. Specifically, these works are not for sale. Mr. Bui Van Hung, shop owner, makes these cute things. From his hobby and talent, he finds the way to make unique works of salted and sugared dry apricots like these.

Having a thousand-year-old history, Hanoi has many relics bearing traditional values. In the modern time, Hanoi is mysterious and attractive due to historical evidence, legends, historical monuments, old streets and houses, etc. Having cultural-historical places like Temple Literature, Sword Lake, One Pillar Pagoda, Co Loa Citadel, etc., Hanoi attracts many tourists. Besides, tourists can go around Hanoi by pedicab. Hanoi is also famous for traditional craft villages like Bat Trang Pottery and Ceramic, La Khe silk, Ngu Xa Bronze Casting, Ha Thai Lacquer, Nhat Tan, Quang Ba, Nghi Tam.

Many historical monuments in Hanoi have become tourist destinations, i.e. One Pillar Pagoda. In 2012, the pagoda was recognized as the pagoda with the unique architecture in Asia by the Asian Record Organization. Imperial Citadel of Thang Long and Stone Steles in the Temple of Literature were recognized as cultural heritages of the world. And hundreds of temples and pagodas in Hanoi also contribute to the attractiveness of the thousand-year-old capital. Also, the system of museums also contributes to creating the attractiveness of Hanoi.

Like other capitals, Hanoi has dozens of museums serving the citizens. During the development, the system of museums in Hanoi has been innovated to capitalize the document and object resources for the developments of the capital’s tourism sector. In 2013, 2 museums in Hanoi were ranked in top 25 most attractive museums in Asia. At the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, many cultural objects of 54 groups in Vietnam are displayed under various criteria like groups, functions, etc. Showroom in the Trong Dong building introduces about 54 groups in Vietnam through objects in daily activities of the people. Especially, there are skirt, scarf, etc., of various groups, baskets, trays, bamboo instruments, ritual objects. Besides, there are photos and documentary reflecting all aspects in the life and creativity of ethnic groups.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is an ideal address for those who want to relax, enjoy and explore the art and culture of Vietnam. Vietnamese Women’s Museum ranked second among attractions in Hanoi. Having modern design, eye-catching display, rich content, the museum was seen as the most attractive destination in 2012 by foreign tourists. In 2013, the museum received the awards by tourists worldwide like among 25 most fascinating museums in Asia (June 2013), “attractive destination” (September 2013).

Vietnamese Women’s Museum has an exhibition area of nearly 2,000 m2 and warehouse storage system including 25,000 documents and artifacts reflecting the contributions of Vietnamese women in history and contemporary life. In each floor, there are many images with various contents about Vietnamese women. Thanks to the creative space, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum seems to be a documentary with various topics, i.e. Women in the family, Women in the history, Women’s fashion, etc. This is also the place for holding programs for people, educational activities, and cultural exchanges between women in Vietnam and in the world. In addition to the artifacts, images of Vietnamese women in the past and at present, and innovative and modern layout turn Vietnamese Women’s Museum into an interesting destination the eyes of international friends.

Mentioning Hanoi, we think of its cuisine. In Hanoi, there are luxury hotels and restaurants meeting the high demand of tourists. Besides, the street cuisine of Hanoi also gains much interest of tourists. It is small food shops with special dishes that attract tourists. The food shop of Ms. Nguye Minh Thuy, Top 6 MasterChief Vietnam is located in Ngo Huyen (Huyen Alley), which is popular among foreign tourists.


Source: VTC10 - NETTVIET

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