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Da Nang travel brings unforgettable impression

Thu, 19 Jun 2014 . Last updated Fri, 08 May 2015 21:27

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Da Nang is one of the attractive destinations in Vietnam. Referring to this city, tourists immediately imagine of a beautiful city on the Han River. Not only is the center of three world cultural heritages, the city owns beautiful landscapes and beaches.

I had earlier mentioned my interest in heading north to Da Nang and places beyond on a day trip. Fortunately, my new friends and Jerry offered to show me the way. So, after renting a bike for four dollars and strapping on a borrowed a helmet, we left Hoi An and took the coast road north. The bike was small shifting jerky, I hadn't ridden one sixteen years and well you can see that she had a little trouble with the camera. But only after about 15 minutes driving, we came to our first stop the peculiar cluster jagged hill known as the Marble Mountains, one of the famous Da Nang attractions and around them were a plethora of carvers in shops selling sculptures all sorts.


Not stopping long, we drove further north into the city of Da Nang. It looks fairly normal not much different than any other cities. We head to a destination in Da Nang that had well special personal significance. In 1972, a young marine sergeant spent a few months in the city before pulling out with this quandary VMFA 232 that man was in fact my father. So we headed to the place for my dad spent most of his time what is now called Da Nang airport. I didn't know quite what to expect but I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. It was just like any other mid-sized airport in Southeast Asia, not much left from the old days, except for a few old hangers in concrete events in the distance and an old control tower lost amongst your construction. So we stopped at a roadside vendor and eat some lunch.


To me Da Nang is of the best Vietnam destinations today as any city I'd yet seen, what's more it had another thing which my father told me about China beach. Actually, the beach runs about 30 kilometers from Monkey Mountain to Hoi An. We weren't exactly sure which part was the fame are in our destination of the American servicemen years ago somewhere around here. After that, we headed back through the maelstrom of human and machine that is Da Nang traffic and made our way to the mountains living close by.


After getting to the mountains on the north side of the city, we are finally at a place that I’ve been waiting to see for many years. One of the major reasons I came to Vietnam, there is only thing that I could say it's one of the greatest coast roads in the world. We know it's called Hai Van Pass. The climb began immediately just deep enough to make it interesting but not enough to make it slow. The road was buried in grade and curbs opened up new this making every time new spirit. By this time, I was coming from by motorbike and the road really begin flash I mean as much as one can clashes your any ways before we knew it we were at the top. It was soon yearly dark missed the clouds looking through some old American food captions and yet not too far below the sun shore brightly of the ocean with Da Nang spread out below.


But after brief look we charge on the other side. We've got a little path to a village on the beach and see a young girl. Her father later staggered out at his house and tries to get a string some rice wine. Yet judging from past experiences with potency race wine, we decline and well headed back the pass. Surely, the Hai Van pass is one of the best views in Vietnam. It's close to the nearby cities of Da Nang and Hoi An. It's a coastal road in a mountain road at the same time and is challenging enough to excite, but not treacherous enough to induce right.


Definitely, all that I am hopeful, on the way back and still want us to try to find the China Beach. We did find a beach, we found to that China Beach actually was about to climbers north surrounded by big resorts which require you to pay D on the beach. Well, I mean after all the beach near Da Nang is a beach used in Da Nang. I'm sure if I told my dad that I'd found China Beach he wouldn't know the difference right be that as it may.


 Source: under Creative Commons

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