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Hai Van Pass brings challenging and incredible moments

Fri, 18 Apr 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:06

Hai Van Pass is considered one of the most beautiful picturesque scenes with perfect beauty passing the time. This pass is the connection of past and future, history and presence. Once going through this long pass, you will have a special feeling.

On our tour from Hanoi to Da Nang, we were really attracted by the beauty of Hai Van Pass. It is the most beautiful tourist route in Vietnam. For a long time, on the way from North to South, Hai Van Pass is always an extremely impressive name. It is located in the highest mounts of Truong Son Mountain Range, the geographical boundary between Hue (in the north) and Da Nang (in the south). The east of this pass is East Sea; the west is towering mountains. The pass is over 20 km long and about 500 meters above the sea level. As one of the most dangerous passes in Vietnam, Hai Van Pass is a target of many travelers who wish to conquer to express bravery. In spite of many obstacles and difficulties after passing the twisted roads and the most dangerous turning points, we still approached Hai Van Pass safely, contemplated the most beautiful sceneries, and enjoyed fresh atmosphere. That was so fantastic!

Gate to Hai Van Tunnel

One of the most striking features in Hai Van Pass that appealed us is Hai Van Tunnel. This is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia with over 6 km in length, built through Hai Van Pass. This pass is one of fears of drivers when traveling through here before the Hai Van Tunnel came into operation. Yet, now, vehicles circulation in this pass are less, most of them are motorbikes. Thus, this route becomes attractive place of backpackers and free travelers. We were totally felt overwhelmed by its stunning view. Standing in the north of this tunnel, we saw wonderful panoramic sceneries of Hue where we had passed, including Lap An Lagoon and Lang Co Bay. We were definitely lured into the elegant beauty of Lang Co fishing village that looks like a back of beautiful women.

Take photos in Hai Van Pass

We stood there, spent time on taking photos to keep unforgettable moments before passing through the tunnel. In this tunnel, we were surprised by the light and security systems well equipped inside. After about 10 minutes riding motorbike through this tunnel, the south gate of Hai Van Tunnel appeared in front of us. We stopped and idolatrized the striking views of Da Nang City appearing with modern and splendid beauty like a sparkling East Sea’s pearl, Han River, misty Son Tra Mount, and other beautiful views gifted by the nature.

View from Hai Van Pass

From Hai Van Pass, we could also see the view of Hai Van railway twisting along mountainsides. It was unforgettable moment when we stopped to contemplate the Hai Van Pass overview with beautiful sea running along under the pass. Amid the azure sky and towering mountains, fertile plains, Lang Co Bay, Bach Ma Mountains, and Da Nang City, we felt so small and admired this natural scenery so much. Coming to this pass, we understood more about the history of Hai Van Pass. It underwent many vicissitudes of history. Hai Van Pass is highly respected as its role in protecting the country. It has been the transfer station for hundreds of year. Visiting Hai Van Pass, not only did we discover, conquer and contemplate the wonderful scenes of this great pass, but also explored the heroic history of the country. Traveling through Hai Van Pass is really one of the most memorable experiences in my trip to Da Nang that I would remember forever. Passing Hai Van Pass is one of amazing experiences that you should try once in your lifetime.

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