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Top must visit tourist attractions in Da Lat

Fri, 15 May 2020. Last updated Fri, 15 May 2020 09:48

Da Lat is known as a four-season city in Vietnam and now a favourite place for young people. Beside having famous entertainment places, Dalat still has many free beautiful destinations that are always open to welcome visitors.

Today AloTrip would like to introduce you some interesting places in Dalat.

Mount LangBiang

Dalat viewed from Lang Biang Mount

LangBiang is considered as “the roof” of Dalat. From the top of LangBiang mountain, visitors can observe almost Dalat city, some landmarks such as the golden and silver stream. It is great to see a misty LangBiang in the early morning and a clear blue sky with beautiful sunshine at noon. It is not only an ideal place for a picnic but also a wonderful one for people who love exploration and adventure with great climbing challenges.

Love Valley

Valley of Love in Dalat

A beautiful and charming Love Valley is located deep in the valley and surrounded by a green-all-year pine forest. Coming to Love Valley, visitors will admire unique images as love lock bridge, overhead faucet, love maze… Visitors also can ride horses, excursions on the boat to enjoy the charming natural scenery that is only in the dreamy Dalat city.

Domaine De Marie Church

Domain de Marie Monastery Inside

Located on a full of cherry blossoms, Domaine De Marie Church is also known as Notre Dame Territory or Mai Anh Church. It’s an architecture designed in a European style, where visitors can attend masses with indigenous people to learn more about the unique cultural features of the people and the region. Besides Domaine De Marie Church is also a place to bring you great photo collections with many different styles. This is also the place that couples often choose to take their wedding photos.

Dalat Railway Station

Inside Dalat Railway Station

Dalat Railway Station is one of the free tourist destinations in Dalat. With only 5,000 VND for the parking ticket, you can freely visit and check in at the Train Station with 2 carriages bearing the French architecture. Dalat Railway Station not only has many historical landmarks but also is an ancient and beautiful station in Southeast Asia. Therefore, this place attracts many young people visiting and taking photos.

Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall Panorama

Prenn Waterfall is a location right next to the National Road. At the foot of the Prenn Waterfall is a large park covered by vast and majestic mountains. In the park, there are many types of entertainment items such as elephant rides, cycling, yachts or cable cars… Prenn Waterfall is one of the worthy destinations when traveling Dalat.

Dalat College of Pedagogy

Dalat College of Pedagogy is one of the symbols of Dalat city. The school was founded in 1927 by the French, designed and directed by architect Moncet, for French children and some rich Vietnamese families in Da Lat at that time and recognized as one of the 1000 unique buildings of the World in the twentieth century.


Clay Village

A miniature village of about 2 kilometres was built by Mr. Ba Dung Trinh from 2010 with an expense of up to VND 200 billion.

Hang Nga Villa (Crazy House)

Crazy House Dalat

It's one of the top ten strangest houses in the world, a quite unique place, different from other villas, few people know this is also one of the tourist popular destinations in Dalat city. This bizarre house "Crazy house" makes many people curious to explore and then experience from surprise to surprise.

This article is just one of many attractive tourist destinations of the beautiful and dreamy Dalat City. So don’t hesitate any longer without booking a ticket right away to visit the tourist destinations of this poetic city. 

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