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Interesting Phu Quoc travel tips for backpackers

Thu, 05 Mar 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:10

Phu Quoc, a pearl island and one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, enchants travelers with beautiful beaches, amazing streams, primeval forests, and immense pepper gardens. Let’s create Phu Quoc travel tips to have a perfect trip, why not?

To have a smooth and unforgettable Phu Quoc travel tips, almost travelers may find reference information from friends, which is a good idea. Also, there is another way to have more information about the island via Internet, though it takes time to select and categorize which information is needed. To save time and travel expenses in your Vietnam tour packages, let’s take a look at the following useful tips which will help you to discover Phu Quoc, though you have a short period of time to stay here.

What to see?

Phu Quoc Island is divided into three main attraction area: Northern, Southern and Eastern areas. In Vietnam tours to Phu Quoc, visitors often spend three days to discover all famous attractions in Phu Quoc. They are Phu Quoc National Park, marvelous beaches and unspoiled landscapes such as the Nature Reserve, Ham Rong Mountain, Ganh Dau and Cua Can, and Long Beach - the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc with blue sea and white sand. Nguyen Trung Truc Temple is a place where local people come here to express their gratitude to the hero. Here is also the last stopover in the way to the North of Phu Quoc Island. From Duong Dong Town to the North is quite far, to save your travel expenses and to have more chances to explore, you should travel by motorbike. It costs about 120,000 VND/day for renting. Do not forget to bring water and some foodl, in case you may get hungry. Fill gasoline if you do not want to give up it in the halfway.

Duong Dong port in Phu Quoc

Meanwhile, in the south of the island, one of the most famous attractions is Phu Quoc Prison. The jail no longer detains prisoners. It is used as a museum with objects as representation of torture, barbed wire, and tiger cages... The attraction is open from 8:00 to 11:30 and from 13:30 to 17:00 everyday. Tranh Stream and Khem Beach attract visitors with two different points of view. Tranh Stream is the beauty of a spring originating from Ham Ninh, flowing into a three-floor waterfall with cool air as a beautiful autumn day in Dalat. Meanwhile, Khem Beach is one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Phu Quoc with turquoise waters, white and silver waves hugging mountains' foot. The next stopover in the south of the island is the lush green "kingdom of pepper", villages of making fish sauce and locations of producing pearls.

To the east of Phu Quoc Island is Duong Dong Town with two famous attractions as Dinh Cau Cape and Dinh Cau Night Market. Dinh Cau Cape appeals visitors with the beauty of an old lush green tree, and huge rocks of different shapes. Dinh Cau Night Market is the place where you can buy interesting souvenirs and enjoy local cakes and fresh seafood. The next attraction is Ham Ninh Fishing Village with the beauty of a pier running straight to the sea with natural picture changing every hour and a bustling fishing port. This is also the place for you to explore many kinds of snails, fish or buy fresh and cheap seafood as a gift. Also, if you have time, do not forget to drop by Coi Nguon Museum - the 9th private museums in Vietnam where the story about Phu Quoc Island and ancient Su Muon Pagoda.

How to get there?

Phu Quoc Airport Terminal

If departing from Saigon, travelers have two options to travel to Phu Quoc. In one hand, travelers can depart from Saigon to Ha Tien by bus (it takes about 10 hours), and then get on board from Ha Tien to the island (it takes about 2.5 hours). On the other hand, travelers can book flights from Saigon to Phu Quoc (it takes about 35 minutes per turn). Each vehicle has it own strengths and weaknesses. They vary costs which are depending on your budget.

When to travel?

Phu Quoc Island is one of destinations in Vietnam which are suitable places to travel at any time during a year. Summber is seen as the season appealing travelers most. This season may witness the situation of sold out. Almost hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc are near the beach, which creates favorable condition for travelers to accommodate. Some hotels and guest houses provide reasonable rate, you can book in advance online before you get there to ensure that you have an accommodation upon your arrival.

What to buy?

A shop selling Phu Quoc fish sauce

Specialty in Phu Quoc is fresh and delicious seafood. If travelers want to have some specialties as souvenirs such as fish sauce, pearl, pepper, sim wine, fried squid, and fried fish...

What to bring?

Any clothes that you are in favored, especially swimsuits. In addition, do not forget to bring sunscreen, hat, sandals, for anti-mosquito cream, and insect medicine to explore the forest.

Phu Quoc Island is really an ideal destination in the New Year 2015. Quickly book flights to Phu Quoc – Vietnam to enjoy the wonderful island with AloTrip – a reputable travel company with its official website of Currently, there are many interesting promotions looking forwards to your “click”. Do not miss your time leisurely at home, let’s come and discover Vietnam – one of top destinations in 2015.

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