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Dinh Cau Night Market

Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Dinh Cau Night Market is one of should-not-miss attractions in Phu Quoc. This market is famous for fresh seafood, souvenirs made of pearl and other famous Phu Quoc specialties such as Phu Quoc fish sauce, pepper, Sim wine, and amazing dishes.

Phu Quoc has been regarded as a miniature Vietnam including seas, mountains, rivers, caves, streams, plains, and forests. Phu Quoc Island also has airport, pier, and amusement area. One of the most famous attractions in Phu Quoc is Dinh Cau Night Market. Dinh Cau Night Market is located in the center of Duong Dong Town. It is the center of shopping, dining, and sightseeing for locals as well as visitors.


Dinh Cau Night Market in daytime


Dinh Cau Night Market attracts most visitors in the evening. The market is open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., even 10 p.m. There are more than 100 stalls divided into two rows stretching along the roadside of Vo Thi Sau Street. Dinh Cau Night Market has two distinct areas. Stands of souvenirs, handicrafts, cosmetics, jewleries and Phu Quoc pearls are lined at the end of the market. Apart from above items, Phu Quoc specialties like Phu Quoc fish sauce, pepper, Sim wine, and fried seafood are sold in this area. Back to the beginning of this market, this is the most attractive area with many stands selling delicious food which is processed from fresh seafood. It is also the focal point, creating a strong impression to visitors when popping in the night market, because the dishes here are prepared or baked on the spot. Perhaps so, seafood is always delicious, attractive and retains fresh quality. And perhaps, in the mainland, rarely does such market exist and sell diversified seafood as Dinh Cau Night Market.


Dinh Cau Night Market - Seafood pavilion


Traveling to Dinh Cau Night Market is one top things to do in Phu Quoc. Visitors to this special market can freely do shopping and enjoy specialties of Phu Quoc Island with a full range of fresh seafood. The characterized cultural feature of Dinh Cau Night Market is an open, clean, cool and beautiful space. In particular, salesmen serve carefully. They are always funny and open-minded. In particular, from Tran Hung Dao Street to Vo Thi Sau Street, visitors can smell grilled seafood releasing its fragrance from braziers set before booths. Next to the braziers are tables of eye-catching seafood. Most customers often observe these braziers, seafood, ask prices, choose favorite dishes before deciding to sit down and enjoy these dishes. If you do not want to eat at the booths, you can ask for takeaway service. Price of these foods is adorable.


Wandering in Dinh Cau Night Market


In the market, there are booths serving vegetarian dishes. By dint of this, visitors will have more chances to enjoy various Phu Quoc cuisine. It is so impressive when enjoying grilled scallops with onion or grilled squid dipped in fish sauce, steamed or boiled sea snails, and other delicious dishes in this market. Every night, Dinh Cau Night Market fascinates hundreds of visitors to dine and do shopping, as price is reasonable. In addition, sellers are always friendly, hospitable and kind-hearted to greet visitors. After finishing your dinner, you can walk to souvenir booths with all sorts of catchy handicraft items like pearl necklaces, pearl rings, combs, tortoise bracelets, colorful shells or oysters as ashtrays or containers of pens and rulers, etc. After exciting holidays on the island, your luggage will surely full of souvenirs and specialties such as dried seafood, Phu Quoc fish sauce or pepper.


Grilled squid in Dinh Cau Night Market


On the journey of exploring the night market, you can take a walk to Dinh Cau Temple, or drop by one of cafés on streets nearby to enjoy relaxing moments. Besides, you can visit Phu Quoc Night Market which was firstly open in 2012, and not far from Dinh Cau Night Market. Around Dinh Cau Night Market, many tourism services are provided such as restaurants, hotels and guesthouses. Famous hotels near Dinh Cau Night Market are Huong Bien Hotel, Lighthouse Phu Quoc Hotel, etc. All of these hotels are well equipped with modern amenities and professional staff, which will provide you with a lot of comfort and convenience during your vacation. 

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