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Can Cau Market

Sapa, Vietnam

Located in Simacai district, Can Cau Market is a marketplace for goods exchanging of Hmong, Tay and Ha Nhi ethnic people... Setting foot in the market, tourists will have a chance to immerse in the bustle of the fair and enjoy famous specialties here.

Can Cau Market is situated in Can Cau commune, Simacai district, Lao Cai province. It is far about 100km from the market to Lao Cai city to the northeast, and nearly 30km to Bac Ha town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province to the north. The market is organized on a high land with lush forests mingling wonderful wavy terraces from afar. Here, tourists will find easy to catch a colorful upland fair in the costume of young girls of Hoa (Chinese) Hmong, Tay or Ha Nhi ethnic groups. Exploring Can Cau Market is one of things to do in Sapa tourism. Going to Can Cau Market in Sapa travel, tourists have a chance to much more soak up the vivid upland fair; simultaneously, ascertain about the daily life of the locals.


Hmong women at Can Cau Market


Down the 4D Highway from Lao Cai City, tourists will reach Phong Nien commune, Bao Thang district, Lao Cai province. Keeping driving along 153 Provincial Highway through Bac Ha town, tourists will set foot in Can Cau Market, one of the most famous markets in Sapa. From afar, the scenery of the market is actually beautiful and lively. The market is organized right on roadside of 153 Road - the only red soil road connecting Bac Ha town to Simacai borderland town. Can Cau Markets is surrounded by the untouched lush Northwest forests and endlessly stretching rice terraces clinging to the mountainside.


Panoramic view of Can Cau Market


As one of the new attractions in Sapa, Can Cau Market is considered as the fair of Hoa (Chinese) Hmong and Giay ethnic people, yet it is organized in business practices of Dao people. The market is usually held on every Saturday and holidays during the year. On the fair, a great number of Hoa Hmong and Giay ethnic groups from the villages concentrate to the market from early morning. They are pedestrians, horse riders carrying textile products, agricultural products and cattle... The market is divided into numerous separate pavilions for all sorts of items. These products here include kinds of vegetables, herbs, spices, utensils and colorful brocade. Here, tourists have the opportunity to choose for themselves the most beautiful brocade products from ingenious talent of Hoa Hmong women. Most of the products are shown on the plastic sheet on the ground in order that both buyers and tourists can be easy to recognize. However, the most striking is the area selling cattle and poultry. The locals extremely love animals and always would like to choose good cattle breeds for their demands. The atmosphere in this area is always bustling. Buyers and sellers scatter along the road to deal each other.


Ethnic costume pavilion at Can Cau Market


Besides, the area for the traditional dishes of ethnic people is extremely exciting. Mingling with the mist surrounding shanty shacks is the multitude of different sounds: voices of purchasing and crackling sounds of bowls colliding each other. In the bustling atmosphere, tourist will actually be hard to resist savoring the ethnic cuisines. Of all the dishes here, "thang co" - a traditional dish made from soups and mainly horse meat - may be the most favorite dish of the ethnic groups and tourists. It is one of the unique traditional dishes of upland minority which is indispensable in each fair. In particular, corn wine is also one of the drinks tourists should not ignore when arriving here. Flavor of this kind of wine will be much different from elsewhere. There is nothing better than sitting around the "thang co" pan to enjoy delicious specialties in the lively atmosphere.


Enjoy thang co at Can Cau Market


Going to Can Cau Market, tourists not only have the opportunity to learn about a colorful upland fairs, but also explore more about the daily life of the locals. Escaping from the hustling and bustling atmosphere of noisy urban life, tourists go to Can Cau Market to look for the pure and pristine beauty, to immerse in the idyllic activities of local people. The market contributes to retain the unique cultural values of Sapa and promote Sapa tourism to international friends.

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