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Long Tuyen Ancient Village

Long Tuyen Village, Can Tho, Vietnam

Long Tuyen Ancient Village is home to preserve the cultural quintessence and precious heritages of Can Tho. The charming scenery along with valuable cultural historical relics has turned the village into one of the fascinating tourist sites in Can Tho.

Located in the southwest of Can Tho River, Long Tuyen Ancient Village includes Binh Thuy ward, An Thoi ward together with Long Tuyen commune and Long Hoa commune, Can Tho city. Undergoing advocacy process and development hundreds of years along with the ups and downs and volatility of history, ancient Long Tuyen has also had the honor of contributing to establish the center city of Mekong Delta as today. Along with the unique ancient villages in Can Tho, Long Tuyen Ancient Village has long become an indispensable tourist attractions in Can Tho alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists.


Tombs of Bui Huu Nghia Poet in Long Tuyen Village


Long Tuyen formerly belonged to "Luc Ap" (6 communes), then was renamed into Binh Hung Village under the reign of King Thieu Tri. In 1852, on the occasion of Huynh Man Dat Navy escaping from Binh Thuy River, the village changed its name into Binh Thuy Village. By the early 20th century, the village was once renamed into Long Tuyen Village. Long Tuyen Ancient Village - home to Valedictorian Bui Huu Nghia - houses dozens of beautiful ancient architectural works, which is one of the typical tourist Can Tho attractions. Tourists once participating in the ancient village in Can Tho tours will have a chance to immerse in the peaceful atmosphere of the charming water region. The experiences will certainly extremely memorable.

Long Tuyen is the typical picture representing the beauty of culture of water region with Binh Thuy River crossing. Topography of Long Tuyen is regarded as miniature symbol of immense Mekong River Delta. Binh Thuy River 15km long is divided the village into 2 symmetrical parts. Binh Thuy River from here splits up to 30 multi-sized canals natural or artificial interweaving each other with the ordinary names like "ho" (a kind of traditional folk singing) singing here. The "boating culture" exists in the rivers and canals along with successive untouched green orchards. Discovering Long Tuyen Ancient Village is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Can Tho.


Binh Thuy Ancient House in Long Tuyen Village


In addition to charming river, Long Tuyen Ancient Village also owns 6 national-level relics accounting for nearly a third of the national monuments in Can Tho province. Binh Thuy Temple (ie Long Tuyen ancient temple) built from 1844 with an area of 400m2 reflects the stature of the ancient village in South Vietnam; simultaneously, it is home to preserve the essence of culture and water Can Tho river civilization. Nam Nha Pagoda, Hoi Linh ancient pagoda, Quang Long ancient pagoda, Valedictorian Bui Huu Nghia grave... are the indispensable addresses in the journey of discovering Can Tho tours to Long Tuyen Ancient Village. In particular, tourists cannot also ignore the orchid garden landscapes, Binh Thuy ancient house (26/1A Binh Thuy Road, Can Tho city), which is considered the cultural highlight of the South. Thanks to these unique tourist sites, Can Tho travel increasingly becomes much more attractive alluring both domestic and international tourists.

Long Tuyen Ancient Village is situated on Long Tuyen canal which is quiet all year round and ripples under the sunlight, the moonlight among the lush orchards along the canal. Besides, the traditional idyllic houses create the rich villages strongly characterizing South features. Beneath the ancient village is not only the depth of a traditional history of an ancient village in South but also home to reserve and preserve the values of cultural quintessence, water civilization with the admirable depth. It deserves one of the appealing tourist attractions in Mekong Delta in general and Can Tho tour in particular alluring those who prefer adventurous tourism.


Nam Nha Pagoda in Long Tuyen Village


Long Tuyen cultural essence is the blend of land, water and the locals here; the flourishing of the past inside the present; the interface between tradition and modernity. Despite the impact of the war, the influence of many cultures, namely Khmer, Chinese, French, Japanese, American along with the ups and downs of the history, Long Tuyen Ancient Village still retains cultural characteristics of Mekong Delta region, significantly contributing to create the unique image of Can Tho tourism. It is the unique selection that enables Long Tuyen Ancient Village to strongly develop in the fluctuating region of numerous ethnicities. Long Tuyen Ancient Village is thus becoming increasingly popular attracting the great number of domestic and international tourists.

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