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Con Dao Beach

Con Dao Islands, Vung Tau, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam

Being regarded as one of the most mysterious islands on the planet, Con Dao possesses the most untouched and beautiful beaches in Vietnam and in the world. Con Dao beach attract tourists by its wild beauty and other interesting tourism services.

Con Dao, one of the most mysterious islands in the world, is an ideal destination in Vietnam. The island owns pristine tropical coastal areas with long white sandy beaches and a high-end diverse marine ecosystem. Con Dao Island was known by western sailors for a long time ago, but up until today, this beautiful island becomes a well-known travel destination. From a "living hell on earth" controlled by the French colonialism and American imperialism, Con Dao quickly became one of the most charming islands on the planet. Coming to Con Dao, tourists have opportunities to explore a deeply marked history of patriotic Vietnamese people, to be immersed into a wonderful nature of an archipelago of 16 different small islands, and to enjoy unforgettable moments with blue sea and white sand.


Con Dao beach


Beaches in Con Dao are scattered in different areas. Each beach has its own beauty appealing tourists. And, all these beaches are pristine and hardly impacted by the development of Con Dao tourism. Famous beaches in this island are Dam Trau Beach, An Hai Beach, Lo Voi Beach, Suoi Nong Beach (Hot Spring Beach), etc. These beaches welcome tourists to travel at any time during a year.

Located in the center of Con Dao District, An Hai Beach has a white sandy beach with cool and turquoise waters. This beach is an ideal attraction in Con Dao for tourists to relax and explore natural landscapes in this island. From the center of the district, it takes you about 10 minutes to approach An Hai Beach. This beach possesses a crystal seawater and calm waves by dint of high mountains sheltering. Along with An Hai Beach, Lo Voi Beach situated at the end of this district's center, creating a gorgeous Con Dao beach. The advantages of Lo Voi Beach are its favorable position and unspoiled beauty. This beach has a calm, clean and clear blue seawater with old green trees silhouetting to the sandy beach. For those who are fans of picnics, this beach is really a good choice. Meanwhile, those who want to relax after a day of exploring Con Dao Island can indulge with beautiful nature at Nhat Beach and contemplate beautiful sunset. Nhat Beach only appears for a few hours per day as the tidal level. Meanwhile, other time of the day, the beach is submerged in water to “looking forward” the discovery of tourists.


Bai Nhat Beach


One of the best beaches in Con Dao is Dat Doc Beach. Located in a beautiful cove, Dat Doc Beach consists of a kilometer-long crescent of pale sand and is backed by green lush hills. The beach is an ideal for swimming, snorkeling and other interesting beach activities. Dropping by this immaculate beach, tourists have a chance to enjoy small private and romantic beaches created by the canyon.

Another attractive beach in Con Dao Island is Dam Trau Beach. This is home to stunning scenery of white smooth sand stretching along the foot of all-shaped cliffs. Dam Trau Beach is about 15km from Con Son Town. Dam Trau Beach is seen as one of most beautiful beaches in Con Dao. Seawater of this beach is more turquoise than that of other beaches in Con Dao. Azure sky and endless lush forest's shadow blend with the emerald color of the sea, creating a wonderful scenery in this beach. About 1km from the airport, Dam Trau Beach has a fantastic 700-meter crescent half-moon coastline. This beach is surrounded by lines of casuarina trees. The best time to pop in this beach is at low tidal level. From Dam Trau Beach, tourists can reach Suoi Nong Beach (Hot Spring Beach) by walking through a short forest road. Suoi Nong Beach remains its unspoiled beauty, as few people know about this beach. This beautiful beach looks as a vivid picture of tropical sea with white flat sand and rare mangrove ecosystem.


Dam Trau Beach in Con Son, Con Dao Islands


Con Dao beach attracts tourists not just by its flawless beauty, but also by various kinds of tourism activities and services from luxurious to budget restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc., which inspires the desire of tourists' discovery. Popping in one of these beaches, you will have exciting and unforgettable experiences. Con Dao diving is one of the best exploring tourism forms in Vietnam. Con Dao has an abundant and diverse marine ecosystem with precious and rare coral reef and species of fish. The best time to take a snorkeling tour in Con Dao Island is in summer, as during this time, beaches in Con Dao have turquoise waters and calm waves. You can dive and contemplate colorful coral reef at Dam Trau Beach or Dat Doc Beach. Some beachfront shops will be ideal places for you to get all information about diving in Con Dao. This service is also provided by hotels and resorts nearby.


Flawless beauty of Con Dao Beach


Being voted as one of the most mysterious islands in the world, Con Dao Island fascinates millions of tourists annually. Thus, the demand of accommodation in this island is always highly appreciated. The system of hotels and resorts in Con Dao is increasingly improved and upgraded to meet the need of tourists. Accommodation in Con Dao near beaches varies from luxurious resorts and hotels to budget hostels and guesthouses. Some of most famous hotels and resorts in this island are Six Senses Con Dao, Con Dao Sea Cabanas, Con Dao Resort, Phi Yen Hotel, Con Dao Camping, Thien Tan Hotel, etc. These hotels and resorts are well equipped with modern amenities, outstanding architectural features, and professional staff. Staying at one of these hotels and resorts, tourists will have a sense of living in their own houses with comfort and relaxation.


Six Senses Con Dao


In a word, Con Dao is completely an amazing island with pristine and marvelous beaches. Even if you do not have enough time to pop in all beaches in this island, do not forget to bath in Dat Doc Beach or Dam Trau Beach, and then take a diving tour to discover “wonderful land” under the seabed here. You will have unforgettable memories with beaches in Con Dao.

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