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Phu Binh Camp

Nguyen Van Cu Street, Con Dao, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam

Tourists once going to Con Dao cannot miss Phu Binh Camp to ascertain about the war crimes here. The camp gradually becomes one of the unique tourist attractions in Con Dao alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists.

Phu Binh Camp is situated in Con Dao town, Con Dao district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. The prison was built in 1971 (1971 - 1973) and called Camp 7 (also known as the infamous American-style tiger cages). After Paris Peace Accords, it was renamed into Phu Binh Camp. Phu Binh Camp retains an area of 25,788m2 including 9,630 m2 for prison cells. This is a special prison cells with concrete consisting of 384 rooms and divided into 8 zones from A to H. Each zone comprises 48 rooms for prisoners. Phu Binh Camp is one of must-see tourist attractions in Con Dao.


A corner of Phu Binh Camp


Unlike the design and construction of the French-style camps in Con Dao (durable over time, spacious and airy corridor), Phu Binh Camp is designed quite normal but extremely effective. Its design is towards right into the human psyche, simple but effective. The zones in the camp are built under the same architecture, the path between two rows of cells is only about 1 meter, which is incredibly cramped. Cells close together and there was no bed and "toilet" as well. The area of each cell is about 1.5 x 2m, which houses 6 - 7 prisoners. There is cells having remained prisoners' blood. Detained in these prisons, prisoners will have to suffer the forms of torture terrible and gruesome. The journey of exploring Con Dao travel certainly cannot miss Phu Binh Camp. It thus becomes one of the most impressive Con Dao attractions.


Zone A at Phu Binh Camp


The difference between French and American prisons is relatively clear. The French-style camps are designed in a quite picky way. In spite of feelings of horror when entering prisons, people still find the space for prisoners. In contrast, American-style camps is extremely simple but much more effective than French-style ones. It is reflected the realistic style but effectiveness and modern, which is difficult to express in pictures. It is perhaps the reason why Remnants Museum cannot simulate in the too small space about crimes and torture prisoners had to suffer Phu Binh Camp. Discovering Phu Binh Camp is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Con Dao.


Famale prisoners inside Phu Binh Camp


Along with other Con Dao camps, Phu Binh Camp is one of the places prisoning communist soldiers. In each prisoning zone, there are hundreds of prisoners shackled, chained at the peak times. The guards used various forms of torture from physical to the spirit to revolutionary soldiers. Today, each of prison wall, prison cell, each of tree or rock in Phu Binh Camp is monuments witnessing the barbarian crimes of colonialism, imperialism and their lackeys. However, also in the island, the mettle of patriots, the fighting spirit and strengths of the communist soldiers against the enemy have been shown off. It is the unyielding spirit that has significantly contributed to bring the national liberation revolution to win and asserted sovereignty and independence of the country. Phu Binh Camp is not only a normal prison but becomes an eyewitness for the independence.


Zone C at Phu Binh Camp


Tourists should one set foot on Con Dao to have the opportunity to ascertain about the fighting spirit of Vietnamese people and the war crimes that colonialism and imperialism have inflicted on this country as well. Phu Binh Camp deserves an indispensable tourist sight in the journey of exploring Con Dao tours. Tourists will certainly get unforgettable experiences when once setting foot on the heroic land. Phu Binh Camp thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Con Dao tourism closer to tourists both at home and abroad.

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