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Can Tho Market

44 Phan Boi Chau, Can Tho, Vietnam

Can Tho Market is an ancient one in Can Tho City. It is one of markets in Mekong River Delta having the most beautiful architectural style. Besides, the market is famous for selling various, fresh agricultural products, and other appealing items.

Can Tho Market used to be known as “Hang Duong Market" or market of six southwestern provinces. This market is located on Hai Ba Trung Street, near Ninh Kieu Pier. Can Tho Market was built in 1915, at the same time with Ben Thanh Market and Binh Tay Market in Ho Chi Minh City. This is considered the market having the most beautiful architecture in Mekong Delta. It is the place of gathering and trading goods of six provinces in Southern Vietnam associated with ancient lifestyle of the people in Mekong River Delta. When tourists pop in this market, you will have a chance to contemplate the romantic Hau River winding behind the market. In addition, Phu Sa tourist area is another attraction in Can Tho. Here, you will come back to the wild nature or standing from Can Tho Market to admire poetic Ninh Kieu Pier.

Can Tho Market viewed from Hau River

In 2005, the market was repaired and upgraded with the support of billions dong to meet the needs of trade, keep ancient cultural identity which impress tourists by its outstanding architecture in the harmony with both modern and ancient and poetic features. The Can Tho Market had been restored its status quo of hundreds of years ago with herringbone- curved ceiling, yin yang styled roof, open space in the harmony with typical features of Mekong River Delta. Can Tho Market has an area of ​​1723 sq. meter with a rectangular shape. This market has one side of river view and another side of street which has a legend relating to the formation of Can Tho City.

Can Tho Market surroundings

That is interesting to go shopping for all kinds of ancient items, costumes, and other living things in serene atmosphere amid the hustle and bustle of the city. From hats, baskets, earrings, necklace to strange outfit full of vibrant colors, and from traditional fine art products to agricultural products and processed seafood. Previously, in front of Can Tho Market, there is a Sao Hom Restaurant serving Asian and European cuisine, Western wines, beers and soft drinks to guests. Here, tourists can enjoy traditional cuisine of the Southerners and fruits of Mekong Delta. The restaurant also offers concierge by boat to travel along attractions in Mekong Delta such as Phong Dien Floating Market, My Khanh Tourist Park, Cai Rang Floating Market, and admire scenic Ninh Kieu Pier in the charming waterway along with ringing guitar sound and sweet voice tone of Don Ca Tai Tu - a traditional Vietnamese music in southwestern rivers.

Inside Can Tho Market

In recent years, Can Tho City has been conducting a construction project on walking streets, eateries at Ninh Kieu Pier area, Can Tho Night Market with souvenir area opened from 6 pm to 4 am of the next day, stretching parts of Le Thanh Ton, Tan Trao, Ngo Quyen and Hai Ba Trung streets. The most exciting area in this market is the part near Lao Dong Cinema (Labor Cinema). Coming to this market, you will have the opportunity to meet a "mini Mekong River Delta" with many types of fruits, vegetables, and other specialties. All of these products are fresh and have just been harvested. Sellers, mostly, are local farmers. They are friendly and hospitable. The price of products in this market is cheap. Yet, the quality is high and meets the demand of buyers.

Walking around the market, you will meet many touching scenes, such as images of women and children pushing 4-wheel carriers of vegetables and fruits to deliver to stalls or restaurants, some poor old women selling some durian, grapefruit laid on a large nylon sheet stretching on the ground. You also can buy some kinds of traditional cakes such as Tet cake, It cake, etc. as gifts for friends and family.

Can Tho Market by night

In the past, on going Can Tho Night Market, you could only buy fresh vegetable and fruits. The Can Tho Market now becomes attractive with various items and products. According to many researchers, to make this market becomes a tourist attraction in Can Tho in particular and in Mekong Delta River in general, there should be changes in business space and living habits of local residents as well as tourists. Events of culinary tourism and landscape restoration with unique culture of Mekong Delta are held in order to the market is not only an exciting fair, but also a place to enjoy cultural life and activities of Mekong River Delta inhabitants.

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