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Prince's Castle Phan Thiet

Han Mac Tu Road, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Unique natural landscapes and emotional love stories have brought Prince's Castle Phan Thiet to become the indispensable tourist site in Phan Thiet. Here, tourists will be immersed in the wonderful scenery of a coastal city nowhere else can be found.

Prince's Castle Phan Thiet covers a complex of mountains, rivers and towers creating the spectacular scenic spot. The most prominent is the relatively high mountain and 4 undulating hills adjacent the sea. Ba Nai Hill, Phu Hai estuary, the coast along with the ancient fishing villages 7 km far from Phan Thiet to the northeast are touches attracting tourists to go to Prince's Castle Phan Thiet. Located on top of Ba Nai Hill - Phan Thiet, Prince's Castle Phan Thiet is considered as the highlight for the beautiful natural scenery famous in South Central Vietnam. It preserves the ancient taciturn features deserving one of the appealing tourist attractions in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne.


Panoramic view of Prince Castle


Nearly a century ago, Duke De Montpensier landed on top of Ba Nai Hill in a hunting trip. The area was extremely wild at that time. Stopping for a long time to enjoy the beauty of each point of view, he decided to build a palace for relaxation and sightseeing. The locals do not know his name, they thus call the place Prince's Castle to mention a French rich man retaining the particular affection with the beauty in Phan Thiet. From the top of the hill with Prince's Castle Phan Thiet, tourists will take the best panoramic view of entire Phan Thiet city. The city is situated in a huge valley. There are also the endlessly stretching mountain ranges of Lam Dong Plateau dimming in the mist. The facade of the city is the blue sea water along with white undulating waves rolling into the shore. Discovering Prince's Castle is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne.


Phu Hai coast view from Prince Castle


Prince's Castle Phan Thiet is rare rendezvous to contemplate the sunrise glowing from the sea surface and sinking behind the distant mountains at sunset. More interestingly is in the moonlit night. The moonlight makes everything become fanciful and magical. All seems to engulf in the mist layer. Those who are in love or passionate the nature will surely thrill when standing before the charming natural scenery. It is also the reason why poet Han Mac Tu – one of the famous poets in Vietnam has often praised the moon upon Prince's Castle Phan Thiet. The castle has witnessed the beautiful moments of poet's love and numerous love stories. Therefore, it is said that not having set foot on Prince's Castle at moonlit night is considered not to go to Phan Thiet. The emotion of people retains a wide range of tones. Moonlit night on Prince's is probably the ultimate tone only appearing for those who fall in love with Phan Thiet!


Cham Towers and Prince Castle


Prince's Castle is now only the shape of a vertical box architectural works with the crenellated left. Everything here is intactly preserved without the violent intervention of human. When exploring the complex of ruins, the local tourism started to build infrastructure from the parking area to the area of Cham towers. Particularly, the area of Prince's Castle has been conversed its inherent wild characteristics - in spite of ruins, it still keeps something of the ancient features when the moonlight reflecting the poet in the magical space. In particular, Prince's Castle Phan Thiet is also associated with the name of the poet Han Mac Tu with his romantic love story with Mong Cam, her lover. This increasingly makes Prince's Castle become one of the most appealing Phan Thiet attractions alluring the large number of both domestic and international tourists. Once setting foot on Prince's Castle when participating in Phan Thiet travel, tourists will certainly get unforgettable experiences.


Remains of Prince Castle


Prince's Castle Phan Thiet is widely known through poetry with its moonlit beauty at night. It was actually the princess awakened after a long sleep after the phenomenon of total solar eclipse happening in 1995. Phan Thiet is venue admiring the total solar eclipse most perfectly in the world on 24th Oct, 1995. Tens of thousands of people are scientists, domestic and international tourists from all over the country gathering here to witness this rare event. Prince's Castle Phan Thiet, Mui Ne is the most crowded place. Binh Thuan travel has developed with dizzying speed so far. At the foot of Prince's Castle Phan Thiet towards the sea, there are the large number of resorts running along to Mui Ne, Ganh Rom. All creates a large tourist space alluring tourists to participate in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne tours.


View from Prince Castle Phan Thiet


Prince's Castle Phan Thiet today has become ruins. The majority of the architectural works has been lost trace, only the foundations and a watchtower under French occupation of Vietnam left (built on the old floor along with many concrete tunnels retaining the water). Yet it is one of the attractive tourist complex in Binh Thuan annually alluring numerous tourists. Prince's Castle Phan Thiet together with its love stories also significantly contributes to promote the image of Binh Thuan tourism in general and Mui Ne - Phan Thiet tourism in particular closer to both domestic and international tourists.

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