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Fairy Spring

Mui Ne Beach, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

The red-orange color makes Fairy Spring become unique and mysterious. Setting foot in the spring has been known as one of top things to do in Mui Ne. Once visiting this spring, tourists will have a chance to discover numerous interesting things.

Fairy Spring aka Hong Spring (Red Spring) is a beauty spot in Mui Ne of Phan Thiet City. Phan Thiet has been well-known for immense sand dunes and wonderful beaches. However, there is a scenic landscape less known by many tourists. It is Fairy Spring, a second-to-non spring in Vietnam. Fairy Spring comes from the underground water streams of sand dunes stretching from provincial highway 706. When tourism in Phan Thiet had not developed and Mui Ne used to be a coastal fishing village, Fairy Spring was only known by people in Binh Thuan. This spring is often a gathering point in festivals and weekends. Now, Fairy Spring is widely known by tourists from all around the world. It is famous for tectonic natural combination of water and sand, which creates a mesmerizing scenic beauty.

Fairy Spring in Mui Ne

Under the spring ground is smooth sand. This spring is also a rare source of freshwater in this region. Strangely, this spring comes from deserts. Freshwater is seen as one of the rarest things in immense sand dunes stretching tens of kilometers. However, beneath the hot sand hills is a giant water "bag". For a long time, the water bag was "leaked" and flows outwards, and formed this spring. This spring is seen as a magical and mysterious thing. The local people believe that the Nature bestowed this place. The name Fairy Spring originated from this strange.

Fairy Spring is just a little water stream murmuring next to Hon Rom Island, hidden behind "sunburned" sand dunes. An extremely prominent space is described by the red color of sand, the formation of undulating rough stalactites beside the spring… Thousands of stalactites formed from sand, over the years, become as hard as stones. Owing to eroded by the weather, these stalactites are wearing on a wild and extremely interesting beauty. Red brown sandy soil and sufficient stalactites in various shapes and sizes make the stream become majestic as forgotten “tower” or “palace”.

Eye-catching salactitate of Fairy Spring Mui Ne

The level of water in this spring just reaches to your ankles. The cool water here helps to reduce the harsh heat of Phan Thiet, creating a strange feeling for tourists to enjoy. From natives to tourists, everyone enjoy a soothing moment of dipping foot in cool water after traveling hot deserts. All concerns seem to be diminishes; only the joy of discovery exists in your mind. No doubt is this spring called a "Penglai fairy land". Its beauty seemingly appears in fairyland, rarely in mundane. It is pity if you come to Phan Thiet but miss such a wonderful place as Fairy Spring.

Whether it is cool or sunny in midday, this spring is still crowded. Most of people come here are foreign tourists. To explore this spring, they have to walk backwards stream, start from its nearest point to flow into the sea. The deepest level of this spring is about nearly 50cm. Traveling about 200-300 meters, you will have a chance to contemplate a "fantastic world" here. It is pristine without any human footprints leaving here, except yours. High sandy columns used to be ancient sand dunes eroded by water, which creates strange shapes like stalactites in limestone caves. In both sides of the stream, the water contributed in creating sand into ornate columns, giant reliefs as a long and always changeable wall.

A corner of Fairy Spring

Along the spring, there are many paths up to sand dunes. Sand is accidentally created into natural "gates", on the sides of the entrance leading to sand dunes. From a high above on sand hills, the spring looks so poetic. The scenery never makes tourists stop thinking, imagining and comparing. In different approaches, tourists have different and fascinating feeling about this scene. In summer, there are coconut trees and wild flowers potting the stream. In spring, the spring has a new "coat" with beautiful cherry blossoms. Flowers of grapefruit, lemon flowers make the spring more marvelous. Tourist will feel like walking in a forest of fragrant flowers. Not only do tourists enjoy the natural and mysterious spring by eyes, but also by hands and by nose.

Coming here, tourists will have a chance to immerse in pure and pristine beauty of the spring, even when footprints of tourists are washed away by the water. In spite of only taking about an hour for the exploration of this spring, many people still spent a day to discover this fairy land. After wading the stream and "feed" eyes with wonderful scenes, you can drop by a farm near Fairy Spring to ride ostriches and have the funniest moments.

Poetic landscapes in Fairy Spring

Thanks to Fairy Spring, Phan Thiet becomes more attractive to both domestic and international tourists. Fairy Spring will be always one of the most interesting attractions in Mui Ne for tourists to discover. It is a unique tourism products for tourists to have another option in addition to the blue seawater and white sandy beaches. Not being pure and murmuring, Fairy Spring in Mui Ne features with its color of water, red orange. Walking along this spring, you will feel extremely relaxed. It seems that you can shake off all stress in life. Belonging to the bestowed land by the Nature, Fairy Spring attracts tourists all year round.

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