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Mui Ne in the eyes of French Press

Sat, 09 Aug 2014. Last updated Fri, 08 May 2015 10:02

Having the picturesque sand dunes, Mui Ne is considered as Sahara of Asia by international travel guides. According to a French magazine, recently, Mui Ne has attracted a great number of Russian tourists travelling and doing business in this land.

According to a Vietnam News Agency correspondent in France, a French press named Le Monde Diplomatique, which was published in August 2014, posted an article about  commercial flights carrying Russia passengers to Vietnam. The article shows that there has been a redirection in choosing resorts of Russian tourists. Currently, these guests have been significantly increasing in Mui Ne beach (Phan Thiet city, Vietnam) to enjoy their exciting vacation at beautiful beaches with reasonable prices. From January 2011, flights carrying Russian passengers were diverted from Tunis (capital of Tunisia) and Cairo (capital of Egypt) to Ho Chi Minh City and Cam Ranh (Vietnam). In fact, the number of Russian tourists in Vietnam continued to increase in recent years, from 102,000 tourists in 2011 to 172,000 in 2012 and 250,000 in 2013.

Windsurfing in Mui Ne Beach

According to the article, Mui Ne is particularly attractive Russian tourists because of having peaceful sceneries which cannot find in Russia, a land of harsh winters. To explore Mui Ne, which is introduced as "Sahara of Asia" by travel guides, Russian tourists often rent a jeep or sit on the back of an ostrich to go sightseeing in beautiful sand dunes.

Mui ne - Fairy Springs (Suoi Tien)

In an interview with Illya Suslov, an Russian young man, Illya Suslov shared "I was so happy to arrive in Phan Thiet. I felt totally free and blissful in this land. Therefore, I came back Russia, sold my designed room and put all of my savings to make an business investment in this land". Currently, Illya Suslov has operated a school specializing in teaching a sport of windsurfing in Mui Ne beach.  Illya Suslov added that he saw many tourists from Kazan, capital of the Republic of Tatarsan coming here. This is the first time these tourists travel abroad and they chose Mui Ne as their first destination.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes

The article also provides information for readers that there are 139 hotels constructed in Mui Ne to welcome  a large number of visitors coming. These hotel, especially upscale hotels such as Pandanus, Terracotta Resort, Swiss Village, Malibu, Great Coconut, Ocean Stars, etc provide tourists modern amenities like pools located next to beachfront, artificial lotus pond ...According to the article, Mui Ne is not only a favorite destination in Vietnam but also an attractive land for making business of Russian people. As estimated, there are approximately 400 Russian citizens are living and doing business here.

Mui Ne desert

Recently, Canadian Travelers, a famous tourism website ranked Mui Ne at the second position in a list of 11 most beautiful beaches in Asia. Having pristine beaches, fresh natural landscapes, and especially the outstanding beauty of sand dunes, Mui Ne is a one of Vietnam destinations should not ignore for both domestic and international tourists. 

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