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Mui Ne Beach listed in Top Best beaches in Asia - Pacific

Mon, 30 Mar 2015. Last updated Fri, 24 Apr 2015 23:22

SkyScanner has released the list of Top Most Beautiful Beaches in Asia Pacific, including Mui Ne Beach in Vietnam. Apart from possessing wonderful seascapes, Mui Ne Beach is also a great venue for holding international windsurfing and sailing festivals.

Recently, Mui Ne Beach in Binh Thuan - a province in South Central Coast of Vietnam was named in the list of Top Most Beautiful Beaches in Asia - Pacific by SkyScanner. Among the most beautiful natural beaches in Vietnam, Mui Ne is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions that domestic and international travelers never miss in Vietnam tours. And, recently the world's top tourist site - Sky Scanner listed Mui Ne Beach in the list of 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia Pacific. Mui Ne is located on the east coast of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province, about 250 km to the north of Ho Chi Minh City. This place is famous for its palm-lined streets, beautiful beaches, strong waves, huge sand dunes glowing in the sun. All makes endless inspiration for artists to represent through many famous photos and art works. Mui Ne is dubbed "the kingdom of resorts" and becoming one of top destinations in Vietnam for those who are fans of Vietnam beaches - ideal places to relax and enjoy vacations.


Fishing village, Mui Ne, Vietnam


Beaches are among top attractions in Mui Ne with turquoise waters and white sand, ideal weather all year round. It is a wonderful place to take rest and immerse in the wonderful life here. Ranking in Top 10 best beaches in Asia Pacific voted by Skyscanner, Mui Ne Beach is one of the ideal destinations appealing a large number of local and international tourists. It takes a few hours to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne Beach. Beaches in Mui Ne are well-known for long white and smooth sandy fields in shimmering sunlights. If you are favored of fresh seafood, you can walk around the beach in early morning to seafood market to choose fresh fish, shrimps, and squids... Mui Ne Market since the early morning will give you the realest image about the life of local fishermen in Mui Ne in particular and those in Vietnam in general. Every morning when fishing boats reach the mainland, local fishermen's family members arrange everything to sell to local people and tourists. Tourists are often attracted by the image of nets full of fresh fish; and, the atmosphere at the market will leave unforgettable memory in tourists' mind.

From being a pristine coastal area with red sand dunes and some fishing villages, Mui Ne gradually becomes the convergence of hundreds of hotels and resorts. Coming to Mui Ne, tourists can visit Mui Ne Fishing Village and have a chance to witness a series of traditional activities of local people. Not just attracting travelers by the beauty of beaches and sand dunes, Mui Ne possesses many unique tourist stopovers such as Hon Rom Island, Hon Lao Cau Island, and Bai Rang Beach... with pristine and untouched beaches, majestic landscapes, and fresh natural atmosphere. In early 2013, Skyscanner listed Mui Ne in Top Most Beautiful Beaches in South East Asia. Lonely Planet also voted Mui Ne as one of tourist should-not-miss beaches in Vietnam tour packages.


A fisherman on Mui Ne Beach


The scene of small fishing village becomes unbelievably magical at dawn and sunset. Dozens of colorful boats are adorned clear blue water. Seemingly, scenes are being bathed in shimmering sunlight. Sightseeing and enjoying your own experience here are not to be missed in any tour to Mui Ne. Mui Ne - Phan Thiet is proud of owning windy beaches, which is perfect to organize sailing competitions. Mui Ne Beach is the most famous destination for Asia sailing festival. There are some centers in Mui Ne launching short-term windsurfing courses for beginners with reasonable fee. In recent years, Mui Ne constantly ranked highly in travel sites or foreign mass media. In 2014, Mui Ne ranked second in the top of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia voted by Canadiantraveller. Recently, this place was named in the top 10 beaches impression of Pacific Asia as assessed by Skyscanner. With these awards, tourism in Mui Ne is more developed, and the destination becomes well-known by globetrotters.

In addition, the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia Pacific are prominent representatives from the Philippines, Thailand, and Australia such as Palawan Island (Philippines), Phi Phi Island (Thailand), Goa (India), Soneva Gili (Maldives), White Beach (Philippines), Whitehaven Beach, (Australia), Sipadan Beach (Malaysia), Koh Rong Beach (Cambodia), Haad Rin Beach (Thailand), Hot Water Beach (Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand), and La Digue Island (Seychelles).

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