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Tuan Chau ferry connects Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island

Tue, 13 May 2014. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 13:59

Au Lac Company has recently provided modern Tuan Chau ferry to the tourist waterway from Tuan Chau Island (Halong Bay) to Cat Ba Island. Thanks to this waterway, tourists can transport easily between two famous tourist destinations.

Ferries from Tuan Chau Island to Cat Ba Island running in sheltered areas of Halong Bay make tourists feel peaceful and relaxed to contemplate the spectacular sceneries. Ferries are fully equipped with equipments of lifesaving, fire prevention, health care and communication system with mainland in accordance the standard of travel ferry. In addition to the safety conditions, ferries also have comfortable chairs, toilets and fast-food counters to meet the demand of tourists during the journey. Parking areas with the capacity of hundreds of cars are available at both terminals thereof. Terminals are equipped with cozy chairs, bars serving fast-food and seafood of Halong Bay during breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a 5D movie theater for passengers to wait for ferries.

In 2014, Tuan Chau ferries have upgraded roofs and increased the number of chairs to 200. Stairs to the upper floors ferries are extended to 1.2 meters. Sound systems are improved for tourists to contemplate the beauty of Halong Bay while enjoying the music.


Tuan Chau ferry from Halong to Cat Ba


Not only focusing on improving infrastructure and service quality, Tuan Chau – Cat Ba ferries always maintain schedules precisely. In the tourist season this year, Au Lac Company will invest 2 large ferries which have a load of 120 tons in tourist transportation. During the rush hours, ferries will operate at full capacity and rotate continuously to prevent traffic jam. Averagely, Tuan Chau – Cat Ba ferries run 6 to 8 times a day. On weekends, the number of turns doubled, simultaneously, the time for each trip is faster, only 40 minutes per trip. Therefore, tourists will not spend much time on waiting. Visiting Cat Ba Island from Halong Bay by ferry also saves much time for tourists than the itinerary from Hai Phong Port also.


Discover Halong and Cat Ba in Tuan Chau ferry


There will be differences if tourists choose Tuan Chau ferry to visit Cat Ba Island. During the itinerary, tourists will get a panoramic view of Bai Chay Bridge, Ba Hang fishing village, Trong Mai, and Gia Luan harbor. The ferry also goes through Hoa Cuong Cave, Cat Ba National Park, and Quan Y Cave. All are charming attractions of Cat Ba Island.

Another outstanding feature is that Tuan Chau – Cat Ba ferry also provided event-celebrating services such as buffet, wedding party, birthday party and so on. It will promisingly become a highlight of marine transport of Halong Bay which meets the demand of tourists and contributes new breakthroughs to Halong Bay tourism.

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