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How to stay safe if you must fly amid Covid 19

Sun, 12 Apr 2020. Last updated Sun, 12 Apr 2020 15:25

How to stay safe if you must fly amid Covid 19 is the main question of all travelers during this time. Although we are recommended to stay at home, we have to get on a plane if it is an emergency. So what to do to keep you safe when travelling by air?

Changes on board

Since the social distancing guideline in effectiveness, many airlines in Vietnam and in the world have been taking precautions to keep passengers safe. Airlines are limiting their in-flight refreshments to cut down on contact. Passengers are encouraged to use their own food and beverages on board.

Airlines do not serve beverages on short-haul flights. Some airlines only serve bottled water on flights. Others take in-flight social distancing to a new level by limiting where you can sit on the airplane. If an airline cannot arrange a seat within a proper social distance, it may allow to cancel or reschedule a flight.

A medical worker disinfects the cabin of a Vietnam Airlines plane

All airlines are taking actions to increase the sanitation in the plane to make passengers feel comfortable on board. Passengers are recommended to bring their own cleaning products on board as well. 

Changes at airports

Airports in Vietnam and in the world are encouraging passengers to follow the safety guidelines issued by local governments, including social distancing at security gates and making lines, wearing a face mask, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently, and not leaving your home for airports  if you are feeling ill. Hand sanitizers are well prepared at all airports’ terminals free, so do not worry about it. 

Changes at airports

Before departure, you should check information carefully about available security checkpoints, as some of them may be closed to prevent the outbreak. Many airlines have to close their sky lounges, so you should stay at the main terminal area to plan social distance before a flight. Most restaurants at Vietnam airports are closed or running on a limited schedule. Moreover, you should be ready for all unexpected reschedules to your flight and be well updated with needed information before you go.

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