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Mango Bay Resort promotes Stay 3 Pay 2 Program

Tue, 15 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

From 5th May to 30th September, 2014 Mango Bay Resort offers promotion of “Stay 3 pay 2”. Tourists will have time relaxing, swimming in turquoise waters, contemplating sunset, and enjoying delicious meals in a luxury hotel at a low cost.

The resort is located about 7 km far from the north of Duong Dong, on Ong Lang Beach (Mr. Lang Beach) in Phu Quoc. From Saigon to Phu Quoc Island, traveling by air takes about 50 minutes with three flight each day; or, traveling by sea from Rach Gia (about 2 hours and a half with 2 turns each day). From Phu Quoc Airport, it takes about 15 minutes to get to this resort by taxi. Mango Bay Resort is far from the central area to keep the serene atmosphere in this untouched island.

Mango Bay Resort Panorama

Mango Bay Resort has an area of over 20 ha on Ong Lang Beach, surrounded by green trees with fresh air. It is an ideal and should-not-miss place in visits to Phu Quoc. Coming here, having chances to enjoy delicious seafood, immerse in cool seawater, azure sky, and unspoiled nature, tourists will feel like in heaven. It is the unique resort in Phu Quoc with 15 bungalows built by special materials such as wooden, forest leaves, and terra cotta, creating senses of familiar to the nature, wild and simple life. Your holiday will be more wonderful when staying at Mango Bay Resort with turquoise waters, white smooth sand beaches, and beautiful sunlight. Interestingly, if you stay here for three nights, you will receive the incentive of “Stay 3 Pay 2”. It means that, you can stay at this green resort in four days three nights with only from 2,520,000VND net/double room, including taking to and from airport and breakfasts.

Mango Bay Resort

According to Mr. Le Bihan Ronan, general director of Mango Bay Resort, all bungalows are built by natural materials. This makes tourists feel comfortable when meditating or contemplating in private room and enjoy fresh air. Otherwise, tourists can indulge themselves by spa treatments served by professional staff. Situating near two private wonderful beaches, Mango Bay Resort Phu Quoc is the best place to admire the most marvelous sunset in Vietnam in rooms or on the beach while sipping a perfect cocktail, or walking along the beach to enjoy cook air and beautiful sights.

Rooms in Mango Bay Resort

Staying at this resort, tourists will have many choices with bungalows. Among those, there are eight terra cotta bungalows with leaves roof and simple facilities, wooden interiors, and outdoor bathroom full of sunlight. While, there are three Fishermen’s bungalows. These are traditional houses of fishermen in Phu Quoc Island. These bungalows are spacious, cool, with simple amenities, and suitable to packages of families. Being bigger than but as simple as other bungalows, five Verandah rooms are ideal places for those who adore coconut trees and their cool shadows. The most special feature in this resort is three-no rules: no television, no phones, and no air conditioner with purposes of ensuring the most wonderful and serene time for tourists, creating a sense of living in wild and simple nature. Services in Mango Bay Resort are abundant and various.

Services in Mango Bay Resort

This resort has an outdoor restaurant on the beach with striking style of leaves roof, wooden pillars, and terra cotta walls, having capacity of 40 people. This restaurant offers mainly seafood and local specialties, along with fruit juices and wines. Bar near Verandah rooms by the lake is interesting place for you to relax and have great time with friends while contemplating beautiful sunset and sipping a delicious cocktail. In addition, there are some exciting activities appealing tourists in this resort such as hiring motorbikes, boats, bikes, and Jeeps to travel around and explore this island; or, participating diving teams to discover the sea world with colorful coral reefs and diverse marine things; otherwise, taking time to go fishing with local anglers, and visiting market. That would be your wonderful moment in your trip to this pearl island.

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