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Premier Village Da Dang Resort opening soon

Sun, 20 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

On April 28, 2014, Premier Village Da Nang Resort with modern and luxury style will be open. Inheriting the beauty of charming beaches, the resort is built as the most luxury one, the excellent masterpiece in Vietnam.

Premier Village Da Nang Resort is managed by Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, presenting in 92 countries with over 3500 hotels. The quality of service and staff is always seen as important criteria by Accor. The project of this resort is conducted by reputable world corporations such as Sala Design (UK), Blink Design Group (US), Tenax (Italy), and Tropical Landscaping International (Thailand). Premier Village Da Nang Resort, located in the most advantageous position in Da Nang, covers an area of 15 ha. It takes only 10 minutes to get to Da Nang International Airport and the city center. The resort is becoming an attractive point for investors.


Premier Village Danang Resort overview


Situated in the route Son Tra-Dien Ngoc, the resort is designed with 118 modern, beachfront, and garden view villas. Each luxury villa with four big bedrooms and full amenities has a private pool in a separate garden. Besides, Premier Village Da Nang Resort Managed by Accor is the harmonious combination of the priceless gift endowed by the nature and the ingenuity of the talented architects, which creates Premier Da Nang Resort Village masterpiece, a luxurious and romantic living space. It is considered a peaceful paradise in which you can escape from the hustle and bustle life. The most interesting feature of the resort is the names of villas. Each villa is named after one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, expressing the pride of the owner. As one of the most luxury resorts in Da Nang, Premier Village Da Nang Resort will be an ideal place for people to enjoy serene and meaningful life. Services in Premier Village Da Nang Resort are various. Coming here, you have chances to enjoy your private moment, even though you go with your children. The resort will provide you with the high-quality service of baby sister at children club. In this club, your children can freely play and discover interesting games under the control of professional staff. Besides, the best services of luxury Spa, modern gym, and other outdoor activities on the beach are supplied well by this resort.

Apart from relaxing services, the resort brings wonderful moments to you in luxury restaurants. For example, Ca Chuon Co Restaurant is an ideal place for you to have a plenty of options of fresh and delicious seafood. Otherwise, to those who adore Vietnamese cuisine, Lemongrass Restaurant is their best choice. This restaurant also serves both featured Asian and international cuisines. If you wish a cozy atmosphere like your home, professional cooks will serve seafood barbecues in you private villa. One of the important highlights in this resort is the pool bar, Beach Club. It has a unique open space with beachfront view. This bar offers a series of delicious cocktails, drinks and wines.


Restaurant in Premier Village Danang Resort


Having a unique position, marvelous sceneries in line with modern architectures, Premier Village Da Nang Resort will be one of the most luxury and fascinating resorts in Vietnam. On opening, Premier Village Da Nang Resort is going to launch an interesting promotion from April 25 to May 32. This promotion consists of incentives in price of rooms and services. The price of a beachfront villa with one to four bedrooms is from 6.399 million dong, while that of a garden view costs 5.999 million dong (including breakfasts, 5% of serving fee, and 10% of tax). million dong, while that of a garden view costs 5.999 million dong (including breakfasts, 5% of serving fee, and 10% of tax).

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