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Ninh Binh tourism enhances promotions for development purpose

Wed, 23 Apr 2014. Last updated Wed, 06 May 2015 17:15

With the goal of attracting 4.8 million of visitors in 2014, from the beginning of the year, Ninh Binh tourism has many stratagies to attract both domestic and international tourists; especially, promotions in foreign market.

On opening the campaign of promoting tourist destinations in Ninh Binh, Ninh Binh participated in the second Vietnam International Tourism Mart in Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre, with the theme “Tourism promotion – New destination, new opportunity and travelling for sustainable development”. The fair was organized by Vietnam tourism Association in the coordination with the General Department of Tourism and the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Hanoi.

Joining Vietnam International Tourism Mart (VITM) in Hanoi, the Ninh Binh Tourism Promotion Information Center collaborated with 10 units of management, businesses of tourism and services such as Trang An eco-tourism zone, Star business travel, Yen Nhi Hotel, Hoang Son Peace Hotel, and Emeralda Resort, and other units in Ninh Binh participating in this tourism fair. The fair with the scale of two standard booths is decorated with unique and typical images of eco-tourism, spiritual and cultural tourism, and Ninh Binh’s unique and attractive tourist products. This is a chance for Ninh Binh to promote and introduce Ninh Binh tourism under the theme: “Trang An scenic landscape complex in the orientation to the world heritage”. At the booth of Ninh Binh, Ninh Binh Tourism Promotion Information Center and travel businesses organized exhibits and issued more than 10,000 publications, tourist promotional materials such as photo books, travel map, and VCD which introduce Ninh Binh tourism, propaganda and promote tourist attractions, chains of restaurants and hotels through movies, video clips, and electronic photo albums. In four days of the fair, the booth of Ninh Binh appealed over 10,000 visitors, including nearly 1,000 visitors of travel companies.

Also, in the framework of the fair, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism directed the Tourism Promotion Information Center to promote tourism in coordination with 10 tourism businesses in this fair to hold a seminar on promoting attractions in Ninh Binh in Bao Son- Hanoi International Hotel. The goal of this coordination is to introduce tourism businesses and travel companies in Hanoi resources, products  and orientation  of tourism development in Ninh Binh, facilitating travel businesses in Ninh Binh directly access to their partners to share, connect information products and services accurately. Simultaneously, exchange and discuss on the advantages and difficulties of cooperation, exploitation of tourism market attract both domestic and foreign tourists. The workshop appealed the participation of nearly 170 businesses and travel companies in Hanoi, and 25 press agencies and media.

Tam Coc Cave, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam

In 2014, despite the gloomy economy of the country and the world with difficulties, but Ninh Binh tourism industry still has many opportunities to grow, including striking the Vesak 2014 will be held at Bai Dinh Pagoda in May. It is expected there are about 10,000 official delegates, including 3,500 international delegates from over 100 countries and territories. During the celebration, there will be many cultural activities took place like exhibition of Buddhist art photography, performances of arts, films, Buddhist culture fair. Currently, Ninh Binh is preparing necessary conditions await the consideration of UNESCO recognizing Trang An scenic landscape complex as a world heritage.

Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

For promoting and promulgating Ninh Binh tourism, the industry of tourism will cooperate with Vietnam Television, VTC Digital Television, VTV Television Cab, and telecommunication agencies and mass media to introduce Ninh Binh. Advertisements of Ninh Binh tourism are promoted on website of the General Department of Tourism. The industry of Ninh Binh tourism also coordinated with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to develop the image of Ninh Binh in Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2014, and Korea World Travel Fair. In addition, the industry strengthened the management of civilized lifestyle, social security and environmental sanitation in the region to meet the need of tourists in famous destinations in the province.

Cyclists from London to Ninh Binh

These above important events will contribute to promoting widely the potentials of tourism, unique culture and tourism products of Ninh Binh to the world. This is a good opportunity to attract tourists, especially foreign tourists to Ninh Binh, and appeal more domestic and international investors to promote joint activities and Ninh Binh tourism. 

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