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10 years of My Son Holy Land Conservation

Tue, 08 Apr 2014. Last updated Tue, 05 May 2015 15:07

After 10 years of implementing conservation project, My Son’s ancient architecture of 4th century is almost completely restored. My Son Holy Land is also recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

This project was commenced in 2003 with constant effort of Vietnam, UNESCO and especially non-refundable aid of Italian government. A reviewing ceremony of My Son World Heritage Conservation for 10 years was held at My Son Sanctuary by the People’s Committee of Quang Nam and the UNESCO Vietnam-based office on December 16th 2013. After 10-year implementation, the project has achieved significant results such as: restoring the tower in group G, excavating and processing over 1500 artifacts, organizing exhibitions of artifacts, establishing information system, and promoting publications as well. Besides, during the project, the site’s management staff also got precious experiences from professional experts in conservation and restoration according to international standards.  

Elephan sculptures in My Son Sanctuary

At the meeting, the parties handed over the store of  more than 1,500 artifacts including archaeological ones which were discovered in the process of restoration. In addition, an advanced data system which is used to classify and catalog the artifacts was also transferred to the management board of My Son Holy Land by UNESCO’s experts. Ms. Katherine Muller Marin, the Head of UNESCO Representative Office in Vietnam, said that towers in group G were open from June 2013, after 10 years of restoration. The project has proved the power of partnership between the governments of Italy and Vietnam through the coordination of UNESCO. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about priceless treasures of humankind as well as Cham cultureThe experts also mentioned the specific recommendations to the People’s Committee of Quang Nam and management board for necessary actions focusing on three matters: management of the Cham Towers, restoration and maintenance of the vestige, management and operation of museum. Last but not least, traffic issues are also stated to terminate congestion and reduce pollution on the road to the vestige.

My Son - the thrown city

My Son Sanctuary is one of the most attractive cultural destinations in Vietnam. The conservation and preservation of this site will not only satisfy the belief of local people about ancient Cham Empire and  but also constitute in the development of Quang Nam tourism. 

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