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Vietnamese water puppet introduced to Australian public

Tue, 26 Aug 2014. Last updated Fri, 08 May 2015 13:02

It is reported that from August 21st to 24th, thousands of visitors have participated excitedly and cheered greatly for performances of Vietnamese water puppet by troupes of Thang Long Puppet Theater.

Vietnamese Water Puppet is a unique art of Vietnamese culture. It is said the water puppet had its origin in the delta of Red River in 10th century. Farmers here were said to be the ancestors of this art, therefore, in the ancient times, water puppet was used as a folk art serving the labor classes. Nowadays, water puppetry is performed on a pool with puppeteers standing behind a curtain controlling the puppets by using long bamboo rods hidden beneath the water surface. Vietnamese water puppet has been introduced in many countries and has received great praises from international tourists over the world.

On the occasion of Darwin Cultural Festival, Vietnam has brought water puppet culture to introduce to Australian friends. During four nights from August 21st to 24th at Darwin Waterfront stage, Vietnam artists used their skillful hands to inspire to the puppets, introducing to Australian visitors characteristics of daily lives in Vietnamese rural villages and the national history. Some of outstanding performances were “the teacher Teu”, “legend of Le Loi King returning the sword”, and “the Fairy Dance”. In addition, the audiences also enjoyed special Vietnamese folk melodies which associated with the images of Vietnamese villages.

Water Puppet Show

Ms. Chu Dac Duoc, Head of the delegation, Deputy Director of Thang Long Water Puppet Theater said that the show aims to promote Vietnam tourism and images of the country, people and culture of Vietnam to the world through water puppetry, a unique art form of Vietnamese traditional arts, and a great creation of Vietnamese. She along with the troupe were happy to receive the enthusiastic support of the Festival Organizing Committee, Vietnam representative offices in Australia and Vietnamese overseas as well as international friends in Australia.

 Although the performance lasted for 40 minutes, a large number of audiences were willing to wait for hours for the show time. The children were excited when touching the water puppets on display near the stage. Audiences were fascinated by a kind of art they had never before. Performances were well prepared by professional artists since a couple of months before. Mr. Michael Bruno, a local people said that he was so surprised by the talent of artists. He felt younger when immersed in the dynamic world of innocent puppets on shimmering water surface. His children were especially enjoying the performance.

Traditional Water Puppet Show

Darwin Festival is one of the largest festivals in Australia which expresses unique cultural and artistic characteristics of the country. Participating in this time festival, Vietnamese Water Puppet show has become a bridge of friendship to help Australian friends learning more about Vietnamese culture and people. 

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