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Big summer promotions on Hoi An travel

Mon, 25 May 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:29

In this summer 2015, tourists will receive many attractive promotions on Hoi An travel, especially in visiting Hoi An Ancient Town. By dint of these incentives, tourists have more chances to explore more about the outstanding cultural world heritage.

From the beginning of May to the end of August 2015, the plan on tourism promotions on Hoi An travel is implemented to increase the number of domestic and international tourists coming to Hoi An. In these Hoi An tours, visitors will have a chance to enjoy many interesting promotions such as in Hoi An Ancient Town tours: free one ticket for a 5-visitor group using homestay service or villa, two tickets for 10-visitor group staying at a hotel, one ticket for 15-visitor group not accommodating in Hoi An Ancient Town. In addition, there are many exciting promotions on visiting the Cu Lao Cham biosphere reserve in Hoi An tours, along with discounts of 10% to 20% for shopping at Yaly Fashion, Commerce and Service JSC, A Dong Silk Ltd., Company, Ba Ba Clothes Shop, Miu Miu shoes and bag shop, and Tra My essential oil...


Shimmering Hoi An at night


Hoi An is recognized as a Cultural World Heritage. Yet, it is not easily to understand how the town was formed. Hoi An is not just famous among destinations in Vietnam, but also being well-known by a large number of international visitors with many outstanding global titles. Perhaps, they find something different in Hoi An, that is found nowhere. In 2005, Hoi An was voted as one of the most satisfied tourists Destinations in Vietnam. In 2008, the Nation Geographic ranked Hoi An in the list of 110 world's best historical destinations, based on the criteria of environmental balance, ecosystem, the integrity of culture and society, conditions of architectures, historical archaeological spot, attractive aesthetics, quality of tourism management, and future's prospect.

Along with a series of other titles of the 5th in 10 best destinations in Asia (TripAdvisor), the most attractive travel city in the world (Wanderlust), the most featured and appealing destinations in Vietnam (The Huffington), the 2nd popular city in Asian travel (Condé Nast Traveller), Hoi An - Asian landscape city, Hoi An - one of the cheapest city in Asia (, Hoi An - one of the world's most romantic cities (Indiatimes), Hoi An brings in itself a mysterious beauty.


Cua Dai beach at dawn


There are many other titles of Hoi An that are enticing tourists, such as Top 50 cities must come once in a life time, top 10 romantic destinations for couples, the best city for biking... Among those, the criteria of romance described by Indiatimes as a port city of the 15th century with an elegance, old world's nostalgia, and  new world's attractions with wonderful beaches and resorts, which is suitable to couples' honeymoons. On the 15th day of each month, all electric light in Hoi An City will be turned off. The entire city will immerse in the shimmering lights of lanterns in all sizes and shapes. It will be more romantic if these couples have a chance to lure into the sentimental and ancient scenery in Hoi An, and the colorful light of lanterns. That will be unforgettble memory in tours in Hoi An.


Japanese Bridge


With the title of one of the most romantic city in the world, travel experts of Luxeinacity access that Hoi An is not a luxury destination. It is simple and friendly as its name - the convergence of serenity. That is the reason why tourists often feel relaxed when visiting Hoi An. Small and narrow ancient streets lead to traditional culture after gardens and old houses, there is a special dating place for couples. Hoi An Ancient Town at night is beautiful with hundreds of shimmering and magical lanterns. Especially at the 15th nigh in lunar month, the town is lightened by colorful and magical lights, a wonderful background for honeymoons...

Hoi An people have all good qualifications of bravery, morality, lifestyle, emotion, and intellectual capacity to become the owner, the heart, and the brain of Hoi An culture. Therefore, it is necessary to praise the values of Hoi An people and it beauty. World's titles will come naturally if Hoi An culture is preserved and promoted by local people. This will contribute significantly in the development of tourism in Hoi An.

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